Adorable pup steals the show with Hugh Jackman-inspired Crufts performance

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Lukas Pratschker and Falco dazzled audiences with their incredible 'The Greatest Showman' routine at this year's Crufts. Source:

The Greatest Showman has quickly become one of the world’s favourite musicals thanks to Hugh Jackman and following a mesmerising performance by an adorable pooch and his owner at this year’s Crufts event, it looks like the musical is about to gain even more popularity.

Taking to the arena on Saturday, Lukas Pratschker and his furry friend Falco inspired dog lovers all over the world with an incredible routine to the tune of ‘The Greatest Show’. It’s certainly enough to cause envy for anyone with a pooch that doesn’t obey even the simplest of commands!

Originally made famous by Jackman as the opening number to the hit 2017 film, Lukas and Falco began their performance to a version of the song by Panic! At The Disco.

Lukas entered the arena wearing a ringmaster outfit and top hat similar to the one Jackman wore in the iconic film, while Falco sported a matching red bell.

The audience was captivated from the very beginning as Falco flipped, rolled, jumped and performed a number of tricks, before Lukas pulled off his jacket and ‘This is Me’ by Keala Settle began to play.

At this point in the routine, both the dog and his owner started dancing in unison together, with Falco zig-zagging around his master’s legs. The pair performed a series of other tricks before the end of the performance, with the crowd and commentators going wild.

“I think that was absolutely brilliant,” one commentator said. “There were some wonderful things in there.”

Fans watching from home were also quick to share their thoughts on the performance on Facebook.

One person said: “Fabulous again Lukas. Huge congratulations on your 3rd place today. Happy retirement Falco.”

Another comment read: “I watched this live. Had a great seat behind the judges.”

A third added: “Absolutely brilliant. Incredibly amazing that this dog worked as if he was counting steps, no eye contact, on his own! Well done, team!”

Sadly for little Falco, the performance was his last, with Lukas previously announcing that Crufts 2019 would be the dog’s final tournament.

“When Falco was a puppy, I admired the most beautiful videos of my role models at the Crufts and always had the great dream to be able to take a look at the green carpet,” Lukas wrote on Facebook last month.

“Now we have a last chance to do so. We’ve been better prepared this time than ever. With our choreography, I’m mega happy. The tricks, the music, the process and the costume – we show 100 per cent Lukas and Falco – with all the corners and edges.”

He also shared a behind-the-scenes photo of himself with Falco in front of the iconic Crufts sign with reference to the music from The Greatest Showman.

“Ladys and Gents, this is the moment you‘ve waited for,” he wrote. “We light it up, we won’t come down and the sun can’t stop us now. Watching it come true, it’s taking over you. Oh, this is the greatest show.”

What did you think of the performance? Do you watch Crufts?

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