The latest in Dementia

St George unveils overhaul to be first Aussie dementia-friendly bank

It was a deeply personal experience that helped encourage Ross Miller to introduce a landmark change at an Australian financial institution,...
21 Sep

Shock family news for Prince Frederik and Princess Mary

For weeks Prince Henrik of Denmark has been behaving erratically. He made headlines for his claims he did not want...
7 Sep

Magda Szubanski farewells her beloved mother with touching photo

Magda Szubanski has bid goodbye to her beloved mother by posting a touching photograph of the pair clasping hands.  The...
5 Sep

Geena Davis shares personal experience with dementia

Geena Davis has used her own experiences with dementia for her latest movie role. In the movie Marjorie Prime, Davis’s...
29 Aug

Study finds new reason to guzzle green tea

Scientists have long lauded the benefits of green tea and now they’ve discovered a new reason to pop on the...
14 Aug

Chance to beef up your knowledge of dementia

In Australia there are more than 400,000 people living with dementia and almost 50 million worldwide. Information on the condition...
8 Aug

Brain starts to 'eat itself' on six hours of sleep, study finds

Early risers, night owls, people who love to sleep in … Different sleep patterns work for different people. But a...
8 Aug

Scientists identify key warning sign of Alzheimer's disease

Aussie scientists have made a discovery that could help doctors predict a person’s risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease – and...
25 Jul

Alzheimer's breakthrough as new genes discovered

Researchers are clinging to fresh hope today after discovering two new risk genes linked to Alzheimer’s Disease. Scientists from the...
19 Jul

Investigation launched into 'toxic' hip replacements

There are concerns thousands of people could be at risk of heart problems and dementia because of toxic material found...
11 Jul

Meet Francis, the high-tech ‘carebot’ that eases dementia symptoms

Although there’s no cure for dementia, therapy can slow the disease’s progression....
5 Jul

How to reduce your risk of dementia

With the current state of our knowledge, we cannot cure dementia or prevent it entirely. Age is the number one...
29 Jun

How we can protect our brains from memory loss and dementia

As we get older we have a greater risk of developing impairments in areas of cognitive function – such as...
24 Jun

Magda Szubanski shares emotional update on mum's health

Australian comedian Magda Szubanski has posted a heartfelt message on social media, describing her mother’s gradual decline into dementia. The...
17 Jun

The inside story on my 50-year friendship with Glen Campbell

Grammy-winning songwriter Jimmy Webb has worked with hundreds of stars, but music legend Glenn Campbell was something else, he tells...
2 Jun

88-year-old's amazing singing warms hearts on social media

If your mother ever sung to you when you were child, or even in your adult years, then you’re about...
9 May