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Inquest hears of lonely end for 60s pop star Lynne Barnett

Sixties pop star Lynne Barnett died a tragic death alone in Sydney, an inquest has revealed. The New Zealand-born singer, who...
23 Jul

Easybeats fans rejoice! You're in for a double whammy

Friday on my mind is not just an anthem for most people doing the nine to five grind, it was the first international...
20 Jul

Marcia Hines' amazing 47-year stint in the Aussie limelight

Read about Marcia Hines’ early life here. In 1980, Marcia Hines’ fourth studio album Ooh Child was released and, like...
19 Jul

How Marcia Hines won Australia's heart with her beautiful voice

Marcia Elaine Hines was born on July 20, 1953, in Boston, Massachusetts, and was singing deep soul gospel and Catholic...
17 Jul

How The Wolfe Brothers dealt with sad personal losses

  Talk about This Crazy Life. It might be the name of the latest album by The Wolfe Brothers, which...
14 Jul

Weird video gives a peek at how beloved music stars would've aged

Some of the finest musical talent of recent times died tragically young, but technology means that we can now see...
12 Jul

Let's talk: Should Baby Boomer rock stars hang up their guitars?

Baby Boomer artists have been accused of ripping off fans in order to boost their retirement savings. An opinion piece published by...
5 Jul

Beccy Cole shares her lessons from the Slim Dusty songbook of life

Beccy Cole has many people she can thank for their help in her music career, but the first one is...
2 Jul