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Ever wondered why there are no blue roses or how worms breathe?

A title that is as humorous as you may (or may not) make it provides a guide to the relatively...
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18 Sep

Professional bull riding is pure adrenaline, even for spectators

Bull riders work in an environment where they are the only thing that is under their control. Displaying this calm...
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17 Sep

Marian Keyes: Taking a break from a marriage can be a good thing

Is a midlife marital sabbatical a good thing? That’s the question posed by a new book from the hugely popular...
16 Sep

A colonial family drama spans that two centuries of Aussie history

This is the story of a wealthy Tasmanian family whose good fortune is wrought from gold, wool and a lust...
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16 Sep

A New England Affair is a tale of love that 'never quite was'

A New England Affair, by Steven Carroll is the third novel in the acclaimed Eliot Quartet, a companion novel to The...
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15 Sep

Eva is beautiful but broken, until a sensual affair sets her free

  After an early career in UK publishing, including four years as editorial director of Weidenfeld & Nicolson, Allegra Huston...
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14 Sep

Sisterhood, glamour, war, crime: The Mitford Murders has it all

It was my pleasure to read and review this wonderful book The Mitford Murders by Jessica Fellowes. Stuck in bed...
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13 Sep

Good Friday proves Jane Tennison is as good on page as on screen

I was really keen to read and review Good Friday, by Lynda La Plante as I am presently viewing Prime...
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12 Sep

Insidious Intent a reminder no one does crime like Val McDermid

I sat there like a stunned mullet. In fact, extending the simile even further, I have to admit my mouth...
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11 Sep

'A small change in floor level forced me to accept ... I am ageing'

It’s been a funny year so far – in fact funny is probably the wrong word – dangerous might be...
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10 Sep

Husband's memoir of murdered Brit MP Jo Cox is heart wrenching

How do you make sense of the murder of a vibrant young woman? How do you even begin to cope?...
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9 Sep

Audacious attacks by Australians into German lines in 1918

“You are leaving the army.  I am sorry to lose you but I wish you success.  You know gentlemen…it is...
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8 Sep

Is a mother's love enough to make a Prodigal Daughter stay?

Twenty years ago, in a hot-headed rage, Diana Crawford left the family farm to build a new life in London....
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7 Sep

My Absolute Darling is a shocking, brilliant first novel

My Absolute Darling, by Gabriel Tallent, is a story that needs to be told. I found it extremely difficult to...
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6 Sep

Friend Request will have you guessing right until the last pages

As I started to read Friend Request, I was amazed how the author pulled me into the story so quickly. ...
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5 Sep

Sophie Hannah's Did You See Melody? is the book for suspense fiends

  Pushed to breaking point, Cara Burrows abandons her home and family and escapes to a five-star spa resort she...
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4 Sep