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This incredible video captures a  group of birds flying together above Oxfordshire. The spectacle featuring 70,000 starlings has been described as a “ballet of the skies”.

As the birds move together, their beating wings create a beautiful sound known as ‘mumuration’. It’s a sight very rarely seen though.

In fact, the University of Gloucestershire is now trying to determine why and how this unuusual aerial display occurred.

Watch the video for yourself below. Have you ever seen anything like this? Isn’t nature amazing? 

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  1. not that may birds but where I live when there is drought in country Australia, huge flocks of Corella’s and Cockatoos come into the suburbs for food and water

  2. We have had around 1.5 million bats this summer in our town. Watching them flying overhead every night in search of food is not exactly nice to watch.

  3. You just need to go into Outback Australia, and see the budgies. They are an amazing sight. They take off and fly as one.

  4. I lived in Carlisle UK, And this was annual event,tourists would flock{pardon the pun} to watch them,it’s an amazing thing to see’

  5. I don’t even want to click on this – I have a phobia about birds 🙁
    more about hearing their wings flap – and judging by the still picture, there’d be a lot of that!!

  6. There was a documentary on murmuration on the ABC two or three years ago and yes, it is interesting.

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