What’s the best advice you’ve every received? Awesome video to talk about 24



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This heartwarming video is trending on Youtube today, and poses the question of “What is the best advice you’ve ever been given?”.  It shows the learnings from 100 years of different people in just two and a half minutes.  It has some terrific one-liners and really captures the statements so many of us know to be true about life from our perspective of being over 60.  And today we want to hear what is the best advice you’ve been given?

So get sharing your stories.

It includes wisdom like “It’s easier to give support than it is to pick somebody up off the floor”

“Don’t ever fit into anyone’s mold”

“Keep everything positive in your life”

“What you perceive yourself to be, you become”

“We give the best advice to other people instead of taking it for ourselves”



Rebecca Wilson

Rebecca Wilson is the founder and publisher of Starts at Sixty. The daughter of two baby boomers, she has built the online community for over 60s by listening carefully to the issues and seeking out answers, insights and information for over 60s throughout Australia. Rebecca is an experienced marketer, a trained journalist and has a degree in politics. A mother of 3, she passionately facilitates and leads our over 60s community, bringing the community opinions, needs and interests to the fore and making Starts at Sixty a fun place to be.

  1. From a dearly departed friend, not to judge others too quickly when you have not walked in their shoes & to always be true to yourself!

  2. 1″When you judge someone it defines you not them”
    2″ everybody counts or nobody counts”

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    • Yes the second one most definitely belongs to Harry Bosch and its both our motto in life. The first belongs to us all, daughter. Xx ps I didn’t realise you were over 60 you’ve aged well, you only look 40

  3. From the smartest person I have ever met – when making a decision – the hard way is the right way.

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  5. You must run as fast as you can just to keep in place. You have to run even faster to get ahead. Lewis Carrol

    It is better to do your best instead of aiming to be the best. – My father

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