These unidentified lights above Australia's capital are going viral online

Strange lights filmed in the skies of Canberra have drawn thousands of views online. This video seems to capture two separate weather events occurring simultaneously.

The first appears to be a natural red and green “aurora” light. Whilst a white flash also appears in the sky.

Astronomer Dr Brad Tucker has some theories on what these lights could be. He described them as an “incredibly rare scenario”.

He believes the aurora colours could be a “unique, weird and powerful storm” perhaps combined with “ball lightning”.

Ball lightning is defined as a “little known kind of lightning, having the form of a moving globe of light”. Explosions of ball lightning have proven to be fatal in the past.

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Users on YouTube have other explanations though. One said, “it was Bronwyn Bishop in her tax payers funded U.F.O”.

Whilst another wrote, “it was obviously a Terminator being sent back in time to kill John Connor”.

What is your take? Do you think these lights reveal an alien presence? Or something more simple, like a weather event?