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It’s easy to use the microwave but if splashes are not cleaned immediately, they tend to be “cooked” onto the walls of the microwave.

That’s when things get annoying. Some people opt for cleaning liquids and scrubbing sponges to move the old stubborn stains while some spray detergent onto the walls to loosen them up.

You can do all that, or try this easier and quicker way to both loosen up the stains and clean them up!

This time, lovely Karen shows us exactly how she does it…

Have you ever tried this trick?

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  1. No sound, so pretty damn useless!

    Best ‘hack’ is to place a M/W proof bowl of water, with cut-up lemon slices, on High.
    Let it boil (not dry, though!), which produces STEAM!
    Leave for a few minutes’ & just wipe away with a clean cloth.
    Inside of oven will be de-greased, clean, & smell nice!

    Learnt this when training to be a ‘M/W Cooking Demonstrator’, back in the early ’80’s!

  2. There is a problem with video going on and off. It says put a wet wipe in the microwave for 10 seconds only, then easily wipe clean.

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