Lions slips walking across waterfall and falls in 8



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It was a beautiful sight to see this lion stepping timidly into the water next to a waterfall to cross the river in South Africa.  Step after timid step until… slip… down he goes.  He got to the bottom, looked back up to see if anyone saw him and strutted off as though it had never happened!


Rebecca Wilson

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  1. poor Lion and they don’t like water, all except for The Marsh lions and they swim in it to get to the island, hope he is ok

  2. Such a majestic animal! I suspect there had been rains which increased the depth of the watercourse,which probably had been an easy crossing!

  3. Could happen to any of us! He looked slightly shocked, but obviously ok. Probably thinking “bugger”, as he swaggers off.

  4. Such diverse responses, shows us how wonderfully different we all are. I love this over 60’s page.

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