Karen from Books at 60 interviews Paul Ham about his new book on World War I, ‘Passchendaele: Requiem for Doomed Youth.

  1. David James Robins  

    My Grandfather George Bell RIDGWAY Army # 6609, at the age of about 44 fought in the Battle of Passchendaele and won a Military Medal for bravery at Broodseinde Ridge near Zonnebeke on the 4th Ooctober 1917. He was a sapper in the 6th Field Company Australian Engineering,Divisional Engineers Brigade, 2nd Australian Division, 1st ANZAC Corp. I have by pure chance seen the location in a documentary about Passchendaele in film footage taken on the same day. Reading the Recommendation and also the Australian War Memorial records and Divisional and Company Diaries give a sense of the events. A truly shocking battle in attrocious conditions. He survived the war but was gassed in subsequent encounters and was affected by that until his death.

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