Finding out he was a grandparent – the funny way

Many of you will remember poignantly the day you found out you would be a grandparent for the first time.

Many of you will remember poignantly the day you found out you would be a grandparent for the first time.  And for this grandfather, the moment was made so much funnier by how his daughter chose to tell him.

Alexa Goolsby took a leaf out of a game played by Jimmy Fallon, The Whisper Challenge. (a funny game that sees one person wearing noise-cancelling headphones while the other person whispers to them a message and they have to guess what is being said.)

Alexa says “I’m pregnant” in the video in a quiet whisper and only the mother hears and catches on… The father continues to struggle to work out what is being said for some time, until suddenly the light comes on.  Then all the emotion of the beautiful moment sinks in.

Do you remember when your children told you you’d be a grandparent for the first time? Share your story today. 

  1. My son and daughter in law presented me with a bottle of Grandfather Port just before making the announcement.

  2. In 2013, our daughter and son-in-law flew from Sydney to Dublin as a surprise for my 60th birthday. When we got over this shock, they told us they were expecting our first grandchild! We are now with them, and second grandson, in Sydney for 2015 living the dream!

  3. Took him a while but I love his reaction. Such a special moment in time.
    I will always remember every part of the night when I found out my only child was pregnant – six years ago yesterday to be exact! My daughter had been having huge problems trying to fall pregnant and had been through some tough times with endometriosis and other complications so they were just in the IVF initial phases of taking temperatures etc to ensure the conditions were right to conceive. She had been due to have an exploratory keyhole operation to see how the endo condition was going before starting on the injections while we were away in Germany, only a few weeks earlier, and I had rung her from our stateroom while cruising down the Rhine to wish her all the best the night before. She told me the op had been postponed as the surgeon wasn’t able to do it for another few months due to his workload and I was so disappointed for them, although she said it would all work out and they’d do it in February when the the bustle of Christmas was over and he had another free appointment. I felt so sad for her as it meant another two or three months wait and they’d already been trying for nearly two years.
    So my hubby and I were just coming out of the Brizzie International Airport Terminal about ten days later to find she and her husband there to greet us. We had no idea they were coming and we hadn’t seen them for six weeks so this was such a delightful surprise although I was still feeling sad for her at the delay of their dreams.
    We went back to our apartment and were chatting about our trip over a cuppa when Sascha asked if she could play us a Christmas DVD she was thinking of sending out to her family and friends instead of a Christmas letter this year. I heard my hubby groan softly as he was very tired from the trip but I was happy to see it as I had been missing her very much and loved hearing her news.
    The DVD started and it had photos from their year set to a beautiful song which was about never giving up hope and always believing in your dream no matter how long it took. I kept commenting on the song and photos that showed things they’d done and people I knew. Towards the end there was an image of a little Aboriginal child in silhouette with her fingers pressed against her lips as though she was saying, “Sssh.” I didn’t recognise her and so I asked who she was. My daughter just smiled and told me to keep watching. The next photo was of a pregnancy test and because in our day we only found out through a doctor’s appointment, I had no idea how to read one. So for about 5 seconds I was looking at it and thinking “I’m not sure if that means she is or she isn’t and I don’t want to get excited and then be wrong but why would she put it on a video if she wasn’t???!!!”
    I could only look at her with a question in my eyes and then she sent me a big smile and nodded. Of course I burst into tears and hugged them both tightly. My hubby wasn’t as slow as me and was already hugging her!!
    The miracle was that Sascha had been in South Africa for two weeks with her work and she arrived back only two or three days before we left for our nearly six week European holiday, so, instead of worrying about temperatures or the ‘perfect time’, she and her hubby were glad to see each other and our precious little grandson was the result!! She didn’t tell me on the phone as she wanted to see my face so she was about six weeks pregnant at the time and this was the best homecoming ever! I can still remember the absolute joy and wonder of knowing a little person was about to come into our lives. Now Darien’s the joy of my heart and the only one we’ll ever get, which makes him extra special!!!

  4. Many years ago, my young, slightly nervous beautiful daughter told me she was expecting a baby (this I already worked out) but “Grandad said to tell you I caught it from the toilet seat”. Pure joy took over from the giggles

  5. Trevor  

    I had just been told by a TV crew that they had found by daughter after 27 years and showed me a picture. They then handed me a picture of my five year old daughter. Weeeeeell <3

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