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We stopped by the Queensland State Library to talk family history and find out how you can use State Library resources all over the country to learn about your own family history!

It’s a topic that so many of us are interested in, but it can also be costly with most websites charging steep fees to use the service. That’s why State Libraries are such a great resource!

Each one around the country has a stack of information, both hard copy and online, that you can use for free. Plus, librarians are trained to help you dig as deep into your family past as you want, meaning you can discover all kinds of things without paying a cent.

Have you researched your family history? What did you discover?

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  1. Yes, I have researched, and am still researching. It can be a costly hobby if you need certificates etc.,
    It would be terrific if all library ‘people’ were as helpful as those on WDYTYA and on this video.

  2. State libraries are a beaut source to research your hereditary. We are constantly blitzed on TV with ads for researching your ancestors.
    Be aware though, that such memberships will cost you up to $234 EACH YEAR !!!

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