Elderly dog cries when her owner returns from extended duty

An elderly dog has shown her love for her owner in a way dog lovers will really appreciate. The dog called Buddy met her owner, an American Soldier, at the door, taking a few seconds to realise she was home from her three month service before crying beautiful dog noises of happiness and climbing onto her lap.

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Hannah Foraker, the dog’s owner shared the video of her coming home from combat training to her 13 year old dog.

She spoke to Buzzfeed who featured the video this week.

“We opened the front door and she came running out and greeted me and my family, but then kind of did a double take and came back to me.”

“I’ve never been away from home before,” said Foraker to Buzzfeed.  And she also spoke of how her return gave her dog a new sense of energy.

“My parents were so astonished by how happy she was during my time at home,” she said. “She normally has trouble going up and down the stairs and takes shorter walks, but now that I was home she was so happy and active. She would get up and do her happy dance.”

Is there anything as good as happy dog cries? Have you ever been greeted like this by your dog after a long trip away?