Calling all retirees! What do you do with all your spare time now you’re not working?

  1. Spare time? What is that. Never been busier since retirement was forced onto me.

  2. Chris Morrow  

    I teach fitness to mature aged adults, it keeps me healthy and fit as well as keeping them healthy and fit.

  3. Anne roddick  

    My husband contacted me 10 months after his passing saying he wanted to talk, my first experience with this side of life, 4 years on I record his conversation through a medium, onto DVD then into my TV where I copy text then read into Word, when it can be saved for future humanity, which is his request, a weekly one hour session takes 4 days to complete, I now have in excess of 4,000 pages of his conversations and opinions and his life in the hereafter, this is so exciting and educational and great fun, sometimes it is hard to make out the recordings as we are laughing till our sides ache
    What else does one do when asked a favour from your loved one of 50 years

  4. Frank  

    ow – that sound level on my laptop is just offensive ! mumbled quiet garbled talking I need to turn up to try to understand – to suddenly loud sharp ear-shattering laughter – my partner just asked me to turn it down – standing ten feet away.

    suggest use some Dolby sound moderation – and or some microphone training – even volume is important

    if this is the sound quality in future, I for one will not be watching/listening to any more of these

  5. Rod Paton  

    I workout in the gym 3-4 times per week to keep healthy and not put more strain on our medicos!
    Helps to maintain a clear mind and a strong body!
    I don’t want to retire but a number and employers’ prejudices are against me, so I carry on as per my normal lifestyle.

  6. Ron Bayly  

    Since retiring I find There is never enough time to get everything done

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