What is the worst thing you’ve ever worn?

Fashion has definitely evolved since the 70s. Remember the tiny yarn vests called shrink tops? Susan, 63, says she shudders

Fashion has definitely evolved since the 70s. Remember the tiny yarn vests called shrink tops? Susan, 63, says she shudders at the thought of having worn it so much.

And let’s not forget the pop tops! Some guy actually came up with the idea of creating clothing and accessories from pop tops and even published a book on the subject which later led to a cult following. Some say that the worse thing they’ve ever worn always involved following trends so tightly.

Like that time when it was actually cool to wear clothes made of terry cloth. Remember that? Sadly (or luckily!) terry cloth is only used for towels now!

How about these outfits down here? Not even sure what to call them but they are sure to bring back some memories…

Did you wear your underwear as day wear like this?

Did you have any cringeworthy memories of wearing something ridiculous? Whatever it is, can we agree that mini skirts and hot pants were the best things we had in the early days?

Have you ever worn anything ridiculous?

  1. Meryl  

    It was 41C. Middle of Summer. Went to BBQ. Wore cotton shift, with good quality leather thongs, on feet. Whole outfit matched, with accessories’, including small shoulder bag,
    I felt cool, comfortable, & dressed appropriately, for occasion.

    Husband chastised me, for not being dressed ‘well enough’ to his way of thinking. We went to venue separately, as he had to get there earlier, than I, so he didn’t ‘see’ my outfit beforehand.

    Next day I dropped off shift, bag, & necklace to an Op Shop to sell.

    Eventually ‘dropped off’ husband, too, as sick & tired of his constant derision of me, & many other problems’ of his.

    Best thing I ever did!
    Much happier, & can please myself what I do, & more importantly, what I wear!

    • Wicky  

      Sounds like a happy ending to your story Meryl. But perhaps you should have left “him” at Op Shop and enjoyed your fashions.😉😄

  2. Wicky  

    Ah!! The 60′ – you had to love the fashions.
    I have a photo of myself in double breasted Maroon sportscoat, maroon and white striped shirt (huge collar), off white bell bottom pants and, the crowning glory, red and blue leather shoes with a (approx.) 2 inch cork sole. OMG. But oh so cool!

    • Meryl  

      Was it a Sports Club Uniform, Wicky? Cheers!

    • [email protected]  

      The 2 inch soles… did we call them clogs?
      I had a pair for about a week and I’m 6’3″.
      Fell off them and badly sprained an ankle….

  3. Sheila Abrahamsson  

    Many, many years ago, in Scotland, I bought a white fake fur coat. I thought I was the bees knees. It took me a while to realise, that being short, and not exactly slim, I looked like a pregnant polar bear. It was supposed to be washable, so I washed it. Then I looked like a pregnant polar bear who’d been dragged through a hedge backwards!

    • Meryl  

      Oh! Sheila, thank you for the ‘belly’ laugh!
      It made my day!

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