The rumour that shattered Princess Diana

Princess Diana’s former protection officer Ken Wharfe, has revealed that although the much-loved royalty managed to take most rumours in her stride, there was

Princess Diana’s former protection officer Ken Wharfe, has revealed that although the much-loved royalty managed to take most rumours in her stride, there was one rumour that drove her to despair.

He has revealed how the people’s princess was “deeply wounded” following allegations that Prince Harry was not the biological child of the future king, Prince Charles, reports SkyNews.

Mr Wharfe wrote in his book called ‘Diana: Closely Guarded Secret’, how Princess Diana, who died in a car accident in 1997, tried to take her own life as it became clearer to her that her marriage was in crisis.

It also described in detail how Prince Charles began seeing another woman, Camilla Parker Bowles who is now the Duchess of Cornwall, after Harry was born. Eventually rumours that James Hewitt was Prince Harry’s biological father, surfaced.

He said that Princess Diana was “shattered by her husband’s betrayal”.

Mr Wharfe rubbishes any claim that Mr Hewitt is Prince Harry’s father.

“A simple comparison of dates proves it is impossible for Hewitt to be Harry’s father. Only once did I ever discuss it with her, and Diana was in tears about it.”

Mr Wharfe believes the paternity rumours were spread by Prince Charles’ so-called friends.

Mr Wharfe explained that although the princess was good at deflecting gossip, it “wounded her deeply” whenever her sons were involved.

Do you think it’s fair for people to create such rumours?

  1. Annette Strong  

    I believe that if we cant say anything good about a person or circumstances then we should remain quiet. However where there is an obvious injustice then we should stand up for what is right.

    • Irene Schmid  

      I loved princess Diana.I also believe she got a raw deal in her marriage.She had a sensitive heart.Also I bleive she had a heart of gold.She just wanted real love from her husband and never got it.Believe me,that hurts.

  2. Can we please move on – Diana has been dead for nearly 20 years, and she was no saint during her life either.

    • [email protected]  

      No I remember Diana as if it was yesterday. Wonderful person, it was Prince Charles the two timer who started all the trouble. AS FAR as I am concerned she was a saint. Prince Charles was the once that caused all her troubles having a mistress and now married to the woman. Not many people have any respect for him.

      • Patricia  

        oh wake up you silly thing…she was human …she made mistakes…so what …it’s all old news….let it go

    • Barbara Davis  

      what a nasty comment for you to have made!

  3. Sue  

    If you look at Diana’s siblings – Sarah & Charles both have red hair, why wouldn’t their nephews have red hair, too? I’ve seen some photos that look like Diana had red hair, herself.

  4. Joan Marshall  

    Unfortunately Diana put herself in positions where she fed the media. As Mother of the future King of England she did some awful things so she was no Saint. Am I judge mental? NO, just dealing with FACTS. The excuse people make by saying judge mental is not dealing with FACT wake up world and deal with FACT.

    • Ida  

      Judgemental is one word not two …..but I guess you could be judged mental at that !!😅

  5. Diana was loved by many she had no true help in stopping a man who is weak and could not be by her side due to a married woman who was extreemly vindictive of her. What i will always belive is that Charles was in over his head with this C , B that he really wasnt in his faith or duty to stand by his chosen lady. This happens too many times in real life. Say a lie and rumore to destroy a person just for S and G. Hes not a king yet. I will always understand what she went through. Been there. Hummm like all is fair in love and war. NOT.

  6. Susan Paul  

    Shame on Ken Wharfe stirring it all up again. I hope no one buys his book – it’s a betrayal.

  7. What a disgrace all this is..
    Clearly all of these people have never read about the the Royal Family dating back centuries. Red hair was so common, almost all members had red hair and those who didn’t had red highlights. Until inter-marriage with dark-haired Royals from countries such as Spain the red hair gene was then nullified to a great extent.

    For goodness sake!
    As for the people who still feel angry about what Diana was supposed to have done & said; you must have boring lives…..poor things.

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