The 15 clever uses for single socks you probably never thought of

There’s just something very mysterious about socks. Because whenever you put a pair in, only one sock comes out! If

There’s just something very mysterious about socks. Because whenever you put a pair in, only one sock comes out! If you have been piling up those orphan socks somewhere in your home, it’s time to bring them out and put them to good use. Apart from making sock puppets and toys for your pet, here are 15 ways you can use single socks.

1. Protect old shoes from dust
Say good bye to wiping dust off shoes that you seldom wear by keeping them in socks. Especially those fancy shoes that you only take out during special events.

2. Clean your blinds
The best thing about cleaning blinds with socks is that you have full control of the cleaning movement because your hands are in the sock itself. Tackle one slat at a time and you’re done!

3. Keep luggage clean by packing shoes or sandals in socks
Single socks are perfect shoe protectors when you’re traveling. Simply put your shoes into the socks to keep the rest of your luggage contents neat and clean. This is especially useful for when you’re leaving sandy or muddy destinations.

4. Soothe sore muscles
Heating pads usually cost around $20. Why not save some money by making a sock heating bag? Fill a clean sock with uncooked rice and knot it closed. To relieve aching muscles, microwave the sock for about 60 seconds, 20 seconds at a time, or until it is warm to the touch. Place it over your shoulders, neck, leg or even belly for a soothing effect.

5. Store precious Christmas tree ornaments
Put your Christmas ornaments in individual socks and store them away. When it’s time for them to come out again, you won’t need to wipe the dust off them.

6. Cover golf clubs
Do you play social golf? The covers for the golf clubs can be expensive but you can always use socks! Put socks over your golf club and it will make a unique (and free!) cover.

7. Keep your jewellery when you travel
If you store each chunky piece into a sock, this will prevent your jewellery from scratching each other as well as your clothes. It might also disguise your jewellery from potential thieves because, let’s face it, who would want to steal socks? You can even use socks to prevent your sunnies from being scratched if you don’t have a proper box.

8. Prevent scratches when moving furniture
Who would’ve thought? To protect your floors from scratches, slip on those mismatched socks over table and chair legs. It might even make moving heavy furniture much easier as you can use the socks to slide them about.

9. Insulate your drink container
Keep a warm drink, warm and a cold drink cold! Let your cup of coffee wear a sock to protect your hands from the heat and also to insulate it. Do the same with cold drinks and this might help protect your furniture from the marks left by condensation.

10. Keep your car dry from wet umbrella
Here’s a smart way to protect your car upholstery from a dripping wet umbrella. Just slip your umbrella into a thick sock to soak up all the water and then remove the sock later to let it and the umbrella dry.

11. Save loose change
Drop loose change into a sock every time you empty your pockets or find anything in the laundry. Before you know it, you will have a bag-sock full of coins which you can either save or use for parking, coffee, bus fare, spending at the markets and more!

12. Make fragrant sachets
Depending on what you like, you can either put potpourri, essential oils or even scented gels into single socks. These are perfect to keep the bathroom, shoe cabinet or even closet smelling nice.

13. Make a neat draft or door stopper
Stop paying money to buy door stoppers. Simply put sand or uncooked rice into a long sock and tie a knot to seal, and you have your door stopper. With some needle and thread, you can combine three to four socks to make the perfect draft stopper. Studies say that better insulated homes save money on energy.

14. Make an elbow softening treatment
Want softer elbows? Lather some lotion on your elbows and then cut off the toe of the socks and put it over your elbows. You’ll be surprised how soft your elbows will be.

15. Grow “hair”
Fill an odd sock with dirt and grass seeds and tie a rubber band at the end. Add button eyes and nose, and draw a smiley face it. Water it every few days and your sock person grow “hair” which you can trim and style if you like.

What do you do with your single socks?