The ‘Waze’ app is a grey nomad’s best friend

Waze is the mapping and navigation app that is currently taking off as a leading app in this category, so

Waze is the mapping and navigation app that is currently taking off as a leading app in this category, so what is it actually about?

Waze is a free app, powered by the community to provide real-time traffic information and road alerts. As the app is designed solely around driving, there are no transit or walking directions.

This app has many helpful features but the funnest is by far the fact that you can set the navigation voice to Morgan Freeman! That’s right, the voice that we’ve heard in countless movies can now direct your next road trip.

Other than this amazing feature Waze also allows you to see the distance to the next turn, with arrows indication the correct direction and listed below is the next turn. The app also provides your ETA, travel time and distance. Additionally it will let you know pace of the traffic and any incidents that may be around, like accidents, police presence or construction that have been reported by other Waze users.

It’s great for grey nomads as it is very easy to use and lets you control your drive.

What is your favourite app at the moment?

Editor’s note: This is not a paid advertisement – we simply think you’ll enjoy this app. 

  1. I love WAZE!!! I think it is about my favorite app to be honest. I have yet to get lost IF I listen to what she tells me. If I decide I know more than she does, I get in trouble.

    • The trouble is I do know better shortcuts and the times not to use certain freeways,so I am in constant conflict with Siri!

    • This is part of what I like about WAZE, it will change routes if need be due to traffic problems. The other day I was on the other side of town and asked her how to get home and she gave me a route that I was following when I heard her change tone and she started a new route as there had been an accident on the route I was using and got me on a better route. On a Friday night I barely hit any rush hour traffic thanks to WAZE. She also gives alternate routes you can take and she will take the one you choose. She also lets you know if there are police ahead, cars where they shouldn’t be, etc. WAZE is not Siri and you can also change the voice on her. When Star Wars released there was a CP3 voice. With other GPS programs I have had problems with construction, etc but WAZE is really on top of it. I had used Google Maps until I started using WAZE over a year ago.

  2. That’s what a GPS was invented for…. Haven’t been lost once since using the Tom Tom.

  3. Very interesting. I have never heard of this app. I am not sure how I would use it driving though. I always use my trusty GPS.

  4. In built GPS, gives me directions not only to towns but fuel stations, restaurants, sports facilities, theatres, clubs etc. with verbal directions from a sexy lady.

  5. As a grey nomad with caravan, nothing beats Wikicamps ($7.50 once only) does everything except make the coffee.

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