How to silence those Windows 10 upgrades

Windows 10 is generally of the best Windows upgrades to date, but it’s not for everyone. For those of you who’ve

Windows 10 is generally of the best Windows upgrades to date, but it’s not for everyone. For those of you who’ve become accustomed to Windows 7 and 8, you may find the idea of trying to adjust to a new change incredibly tiring. Maybe it already took you a lot of effort to get used to your current operating system, and you don’t want to go through with that hassle again.

If this is you, then you must be finding all of these Windows 10 pop-ups super annoying. Not only will your PC not shut up about the upgrade, but it’s been automatically downloading the Windows 10 installer onto your computer, just as a further attempt to wave it in your face! This doesn’t actually install Windows 10 on your computer, but it does take up a whopping 3MB of space on your hard drive. In some cases, people have even claimed that Windows 10 was automatically installing on their computers without their permission! 

Who’s sick of getting these?


There are ways for you to manually prevent these updates on your computer. If you’re looking for a simple way, however, we’ve got one for you.


Never10 is software that will help you to prevent your PC from downloading the Windows 10 installer, as well as get rid of those pesky “Get Windows 10” notifications. This software is completely free, and all you need to do is download and run it on your computer.

  1. Follow this link to download Never10.
  2. Once you run it from your computer, it will tell you about your PC’s status in relation to Windows 10.
  3. Follow the program’s instructions and choose the settings you prefer.
  4. For example, if your PC has automatic upgrading for Windows 10 enabled, and you wish to disable it, simply click on “Disable Win10 Upgrade”. This will prevent your PC from doing anything Windows 10-related behind your back!

Furthermore, if you wish to delete the Windows 10 installer files that have been downloaded onto your computer, click on “Remove Win10 Files”. This will clear your hard drive of those Windows 10 files, leaving you with more space.

Never10 also gives you the option to revert to automatic upgrades. Once you’ve disabled automatic upgrading, you can re-enable it by clicking on “Enable Win10 Upgrade”. So it’s not absolutely permanent – you can go back on it in the future!

I’ve read some of the horror stories on Windows 10 – some people claim that they left their computer alone for a few minutes, came back, and found it updating itself to Windows 10 without permission!


Now, with Never10, you can rest easy knowing those horror stories won’t happen to you.

  1. Mary  

    Thankyou for such a timely article, sick of the constant Windows 10 prompts.

  2. Pam Parker  

    I did install W10 and find it OK for normal things like email and FB. But anything to do with the computing side of things and I am totally lost. Don’t know where to find things, my computer no longer speaks to my camera even had to google to learn how to close it down. May have to buy Windows 10 for elderly ladies who should have known better before installing…or the sister publication W10 for idiots.

  3. I installed Windows 10 & it killed y computer. After 5 hours over 3 days on the phone with the help people in the Philippines I gave up & had to buy a new hard drive. $190 later I have my computer back & had them install Windows 7 again. Looking forward to disabelling the Windows 10 pop ups now. Thanks for the info 😀

  4. dee  

    Just install it!. I had win 7 and my husband win 8 and we are both happy with windows 10.Its easy to use.
    However a warning -t it took each of our computers more than 10 hours to download and used 8 GB each. We downloaded at separate times and have ADSL2.

  5. David Barnes  

    I have upgraded to Windows 10 and have had NO PROBLEMS, either in the upgrade or usage.

    The old start menu (improved) is now back with Windows 10 and it’s worth upgrading just for that feature alone!

    And it also boots directly to the desktop.

  6. Turoa J T Chadwick  

    On one of our computers we downloaded Windows 10 and have found it freezes up a lot and my system runs real slow, for all tasks. How do we uninstall it permanently? please

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