Genius invention means you’ll never lose an umbrella again…

Does anyone ever truly own an umbrella? Or do we simply donate them to the community via the bus or

Does anyone ever truly own an umbrella? Or do we simply donate them to the community via the bus or train, or beneath the table in a cafe? I personally must have contributed more than 20 umbrellas to the fray, becoming foster parent to countless others. They come and they go, where to, I know not.

But finally, a clever person has come up with a way to make sure that we not only can find out brollies when they go missing, but also that we never leave them behind in the first place.

The new “smart brolly” (yep, it’s come to that) uses technology called proximity awareness, and has a chip in the end that alerts you via your phone when you get more than 10 metres away from your umbrella.

Screen Shot 2016-01-07 at 7.21.42 am

There is a catch, of course. The Davek umbrella, which has just become available after a successful crowdfunding campaign, costs around $125. But the designers say they have addressed that other much-hated thing about most umbrellas – the way they break so easily. This high-tech, long-life brolly is made from zinc alloy and is super flexible to stop it from turning inside out.

Find out more here.

Would you spend $125+ on an umbrella if it meant you wouldn’t lose it? Are you a serial brolly loser?

  1. $125! And where the hell would an age pensioner get that sort of spare money from?

  2. U bet I’d spend that on one that lasts…..I’ve never lost a brolly and have three in my car at a time….my only brolly donations have been to the rubbish bin as expensive brolly’s here last no longer than cheap ones….I must have spent a bomb over the years

  3. cripes just stick one in the boot of your car and leave it there.. then you will always have one, that is way to expensive

  4. Amend my comment – that was $125 US so a whole $175 AUS plus any postage. Even more spare money that I don’t have.

  5. You would have to be kidding. That would buy a damn lot of cheap replacement brollies. Especially for people in thier 60’s. How many more would you think we will need?😉

  6. If you lived where it rains regularly and get caught a great deal, it would be worthwhile.

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