Bill Shorten calls for a “21st century” way to vote

Now that the election is over, politicians can finally get down to working on the promises that they made to

Now that the election is over, politicians can finally get down to working on the promises that they made to voters that got them elected.  There is one issue that has both major parties in complete agreement: it took too long.

After conceding defeat to Malcolm Turnbull, Labor leader Bill Shorten told the media: “We’re a grown-up democracy, it shouldn’t take eight days to find out who’s won”. Bill believes that the act of counting paper ballots is to blame for the delay and that Australia should embrace electronic voting. Bill claims he wasn’t having a swipe at the AEC saying that he wasn’t taking away “from the professionalism of the Australian Electoral Commission, but it’s the 21st century”.

Addressing the media after his election win Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull agreed with his political rival about electronic voting stating that it is “something we must look at”.  Electronic voting is something that the Australian Electoral Commission has been looking at since 2000. Representatives of the AEC travelled to the US in 2001 when electronic voting was used in the Presidential election.

Electronic voting is not something entirely new to Australia as many states have used it in state elections already. New South Wales has used Electronic Voting in their last two state Elections.  Many claim that the political parties have implemented so many digital technologies in their campaigns that voting is the next logical step. Electronic voting will allow results to be almost immediate making sure that events like this last election are things of the past.

Another pressing matter for Malcolm is the regulation over the automatic phone calls and text messages that voters received in the lead up to the election calling them “extremely deceptive”. Mr Turnbull proceeded to say “They don’t have to have authorisation like a television advertisement or a newspaper advertisement, so they’re basically existing in a legal vacuum”.  Not to mention causing great annoyance for the voters.

Would you like to see an end of the “robo-callers”?  Would you rather vote electronically?  Do you think electronic voting is safe?

  1. Neta Williams  

    Is this another way of telling the elderly “we do not care about you”. What happens to those who cannot use computers or those who cannot see to use them. My ninety year old blind mother still feels it is her right to vote so now they even want to take that right away from her and many others in the same boat.

    • Sorry Neta, your argument doesn’t hold water. You say your mother is blind … How does she vote now?

  2. Yes for anyone wishing to and having access to computers it is time. It should be able to be done as an extension to Aust Gov App which already includes Centerlink and Medicare. Obviously for non computer users current system should be available. I would guess if 80% can be electronicly having to only manually count 20% should not be like the current problem.

  3. 16 years and still no decision. It has nothing to do with honesty it’s just that AEC are worried about their jobs. Time to go electronic it can’t be any more suspect than voting with a pencil which can be easily erased and changed.

  4. Russell McMahon  

    As any competent IT security person will tell you (and even most incompetent ones will say the same) a ‘bug free electronic security system’ is one in which the next bug has not yet been discovered. Given the stakes in nationwide elections, the benefits of finding and exploiting deficiencies in systems would make the risks around using such systems unacceptable. Paper systems can also be falsified but the provable traceability of internal input makes thempotentially far more secure.

    Russell McMahon.

    PS: Do you use banking ‘apps’ on your cellphone?
    I don’t !!!

  5. Truth 13  

    While the other developed & developing countries getting used to make using the advanced electronic facilities, our country is still trying to follow the methods, that were invented 100 years back. The current system if a shame to have. It is time to introduce the Identity Card too. Then only the voting will become clean & efficient. Even poor countries have been using the ID, not only for voting, but also to cut down fraud. I am not sure, when will our politicians wake up accept the facts.

    • I got a Proof of Age card for ID purposes because I don’t have a driver’s licence or a current passport. So much easier than having to fish out my birth certificate, rent card, medicare card, bank statement etc. Everyone should have an ID card but any time it’s been mentioned it been cried down. What have people got to hide?

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