You can’t make me go vegan: I love my meat

Of late I have seen some people on social media saying that before long, the entire world will be vegan;

Of late I have seen some people on social media saying that before long, the entire world will be vegan; that farmers and food producers could go and get other jobs, either that or die out!

This also went for fishermen, people who have invested huge amounts of money in aquaculture, modern chicken production, free range eggs production, the dairy industry, apiarists, and so many other industries.

Many of these industries have not been perfect in the past, generally from ignorance, but times have changed and controlling bodies are now in place to monitor them. A lot of information published by activists such as PETA are wrongfully slanted, even manipulated to support their agenda.

I found a lot of the statements naive and not very well thought out, or in my view, extremely selfish, although I do not approve of cruelty, but in, let’s call it what it is, the killing of animals for human consumption in the most humane way possible.

Foods you may never see again and dependent industries at risk!

  • Beef: Leather for shoes, handbags, belts and clothing
  • Lamb/mutton: Wool products, coats, sheepskin coats, parkas and clothing
  • Pork/ham/bacon: Paint brushes
  • Abalone: Shells
  • Oysters: Pearls
  • Chicken
  • Squab: Hat feathers
  • Rabbit: Akubra hats
  • Buffalo
  • Kangaroo
  • Crocodiles: Shoes, bags, belts

And other exotic foods  

  • Crayfish
  • Calamari
  • Sea fish: Tuna, flake, rockling, plus many others

Fresh/saltwater fish

  • Salmon, trout plus many more
  • Prawns
  • Eggs
  • Honey
  • Milk
  • Butter
  • Cream
  • Yoghurt
  • Ice cream

And I’m sure I have missed many many more!

All these industries would be wiped out plus all the associated industries

Look at each one individually. Count the number of people involved in each of these industries, including the controlling bodies world wide and the supporting industries.The domino effect would be catastrophic!


  • Many people have serious nut allergies
  • Many people  cannot tolerate huge amounts of raw salad foods (I am one)
  • Many people do not have large quantities of vegetables in their diet, some from necessity and many from choice
  • Canned foods pretending to be meat are generally over processed and disgusting

Also, look at all the cooking shows on television, where most of the menus centre around meat.

Now, I don’t approve of too much deli meats, but that’s another industry.

Do you really think that an attempt to make all the people of the world vegan won’t meet stiff resistance from all the meat eaters, the food industries and their connections? That they will just let it happen! Do you really think the average man will happily give up his steak? The cultures of most nations centres around their food and these include animal/animal products.

So, those of you who enjoy a bit of flake with your chips, some calamari, a juicy streak on the bbq, a tub of yoghurt, butter on your toast, nice fresh trout, bacon and eggs for Sunday breakfast, or a roast for Sunday lunch, a really nice meaty sauce for your spaghetti, or maybe a slice of ham with your Christmas lunch, or the turkey drumstick, well, if these people are right, you had better be prepared for a Christmas lunch of tofu, salad and a bowl of nuts!

What are your thoughts?

  1. No way will it happen. ..even if you don’t eat a lot of meat we all need some! And we definitely should eat fish….can’t ever
    imagine this. Farmers also grow vegetables and fruits! !!

  2. our intestinal system is that of a carnivore…. people who never eat meat have to take all kinds of vitamins…we don’t need to eat as much meat as we do (people getting sick from it as well) – to make it short: we lost the balance…

    • Completely wrong! We have a long intestine, about 7 meters long, characteristic of vegetarians. Carnivore animals have a short intestine because meat ROTS in a long intestine! That explains why so many meat eaters have colon cancer. Where do you think vitamins in meat comes from? An animal ate them from the plants! I’d rather eat the plants myself than from a dead animal 🙂

      • Dot Soaris  

        And what happens to all the animals if we become completely vegan, is it just as kind to starve them as we will be eating everything that grows in an endeavour to feed the world’s population. Or do you advocate a culling of the human population to cater for the needs of the animals of the world, and are you going to cull the animals that actually like to eat meat. Get real please.

    • We are omnivores. Our teeth and digestive system are designed to eat both meat and plants. Many people though do eat too much meat. Francois meat does not rot in our gut it is digested like most of the stuff we eat.

    • Not in my mouth, lol. I have no sharp animal like pointed teeth, and suspect im normal. the corner teeth, wisdom teeth, have a large flat surface, and are the grinding teeth, for eating harder foods, i.e. grinding nuts etc.

  3. I’ve tried very hard over recent years to eat more vegetarian meals; I now have two sometimes 3 per week firstly because of economy and secondly because for so long we have been bombarded about how much healthier it is plus how the planet can’t sustain meat-eating. However yesterday to my horror I realised I am starting to display guilt about the fact I am still and meat-eater and enjoy it. I actually found myself hoping some vegan and vegetarian friends wouldn’t think badly of me for eating a meat-based meal when we went out for dinner. It was a real wake-up call! I’m over this!!!!

    • I refuse to leg vegans try to shame me to stop eating meat. AS long as they are responsibly killed then I have no issues, we CANNOT all be vegans, just not practical either and to be honest if they want too b a vegan then good for them, just DO NOT try to shame anyone else for THEIR choices.

    • I’m the same as you June. But I eat meat because it is easier to make a meat dish for husbands dinner and share it, but on his 2 night shifts per week I make myself a vegetarian meal. At times I think I’d like to go back to being a vegetarian as I was in my 20s (only ate fish) but at that time couldn’t stand the smell of meat and could just imagine myself gagging as I cook his steak.

    • I like all food so have no problem eating both. Love cauliflower bake and frittata dishes, but also love a good meat curry etc.

    • I’m vegetarian and that’s a personal choice. I would never force that on others or try to make anyone else like me. My husband loves his red meat and fish. I have no problem cooking for him. It doesn’t bother me in the least what others eat.

  4. Not going to happen we have carnivore teeth to eat meat , even Chimps another Great Ape hunt and eat monkeys, they too want meat in their diet

  5. Nobody is going to make you vegan 🙂 Interesting the article didn’t mention animal ag is the largest cause of climate change

  6. Speaking for myself personally, I can eat the occasional light meal without meat but I could not live with any great sense of joy without meat permanently

  7. I don’t think this will happen, not in our lifetime anyway. Small farms will probably get swallowed up by big farms owned by overseas businesses and we will import more meat. Veganism is not popular, unless you are a Hindu. Maybe in a few billion years time.

  8. I respect the choices that people make, however, I consider it completely unrealistic for the whole world to go vegan or vegetarian. If it were to happen, I do not believe that we could feed the world population – I do not believe that we can grow enough food for that to happen.

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