Why you should consider a greyhound for your next pet

Greyhounds are a largely misunderstood breed. Most people believe they are vicious animals because they are muzzled when they are

Greyhounds are a largely misunderstood breed. Most people believe they are vicious animals because they are muzzled when they are out in public and when they race. The muzzles are there to protect other dogs who may not be on leads and who may decide to attack them or become too boisterous in an attempt to get them to play when they are still in training mode.

Once they have been away from the track and out of the training environment for a short while, the biggest problem is trying to get enough room to sit on the couch with them! They also like their share of the bed if they are allowed anywhere near your sleeping quarters. Contrary to popular belief, they do not require a lot of exercise, just the normal amount you would give most large family dogs. However, they do require a good healthy diet and an eye kept on their weight which is a rule that should be applied to all family pets.

I spoke to a family who got in contact with me to adopt a greyhound named Raina. The mum Sally describes Raina as the most beautifully natured dog and so faithful. Daughter Molly and her are now almost inseparable. They are all so grateful for having been given the opportunity to welcome Raina as part of their family and would like to see more people open the hearts and homes to these wonderful dogs. Raina is just the start of the successful transformation from racing greyhounds to couch potatoes.

In addition to Greyhound Racing Victoria’s Greyhound Adoption Program (GAP) and the Friends of the Adoption Program, there is also the Greyhound Safety Net organisation who are all looking to assist people willing to open their homes to a retired racer.

There are also adoption agencies in all states of Australia, who can be found on the internet.

It is hard to go anywhere these days without seeing someone walking one or two retired greyhounds, as more and more people realise just what great pets they make.

Have a look at Facebook on the Friends of Greyhound adoption page and see just how well these magnificent animals blend in with their new homes, families, and other pets.

You’ll often see the phrase quoted “A home is not a home without a greyhound”.

Tell us, has this changed your mind about greyhounds?

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  1. Magnificent dogs, but I don’t believe they should be raced in the first place. A very cruel industry that overbreeds dogs resulting in far too much “wastage”.

    • Greyhounds, Whippets and a few other breeds were bread as racing dogs so they have to have lots of exercise every day. Racing is what they love to do.

      Years ago I bread Basset Hounds which are Badger dogs so one has to put up with digging holes all over the place. B|

      • They were bred to hunt and be loyal to their masters thousands of years ago before this vile sport evolved a hundred years ago. If you look at the history, their masters doted on them, not treated them like sporting equipment like they do now.

        • John  

          Greyhounds were Bred to coarse rabbits and hare, they love it. Unfortunately some complained about the poor bunny so a mechanical lure was designed, and now we have a minority whinging about this. These beautiful dogs love racing, they don’t think it’s cruel they just enjoy it. People who are not in touch with what a breed needs shouldn’t comment on dogs or put their human emotions on an animal.

    • Actually Bruce, greyhounds need no more exercise than any other large dog. And all dogs were originally bred for a specific duty, doesn’t mean they still need to be doing it! You won’t catch my Corgi herding cattle or my Shelti rounding up sheep. And they are perfectly happy with their lives.

    • It’s the same excuse you hear for horse racing. “The horses love to run”. I’m sure they do but probably without some bloke on their back beating the hell out of them with a whip and spending the rest of their time locked up in a stable.

  2. We have two greyhounds Dale and Princess and they are the best , so placid and loving ,and very much the couch potatoes. We just love them.

  3. Great dogs. Gentle giants who love nothing better than being the resident lounge lizard or couch potato. So true. Beautiful docile creatures. Love them.

  4. My father once gave me a greyhound. She wasn’t a good runner and I loved her. I called her Prudence as she seemed quite aloof with most people. She died of heart disease two years later. I loved her heaps.

  5. Greyhounds are THE BEST, at the moment i am dog sitting my son’s adopted greyhound who has just had a major operation. He is the gentlest, most placid dog i have ever seen. Loves his master to bits and vice versa. Hopefully he will soon be all better soon.

  6. I have adopted 3 greyt greys. They have different personalities but are the most amazing pets ever. Very tolerant, very loving and loyal.

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