Why our banks leaving the elderly being left behind?

On the 27th of this month our local bank is closing it’s doors and taking it’s A.T.M. They say there

On the 27th of this month our local bank is closing it’s doors and taking it’s A.T.M. They say there has been a significant decrease in the number of customers using the branch and a big increase with people using online banking. I guarantee none of the very elderly from around here are included in that increase, very little if any are computer savvy I know my Mother has no clue, I know some older folk still have bank books.

The B.S.B. numbers on all the accounts will be different because everything will be transferred to the bank at the next suburb which is 45 minutes by mobility scooter, a lot of old folk do not have the ability to climb up into a bus, a lot can not afford a mobility scooter and they rely on the convenience of the bank.

They will be able to withdraw money at the Post Office for a fee (of course) or go to the supermarket and get money via eftpos but they don’t always have a lot of cash on hand. If people need more than a minimal amount they will be left between a rock and a hard place. They will have to rely on family to get them to the bank, I know my 91 year old Mum is not happy about it. A lot are going to lose their much needed routines and taking a little more of their independence while adding more confusion and frustration to their lives. I don’t think it is fair after all it is the only bank here, why not at the very least leave the ATM in the wall.

If the bank is holding any documentation or valuables of any kind people have to accept its transferral along with their bank accounts or find their own arrangements. A lot of the elderly are getting left behind and forgotten about because they do not understand technology and just once I would like to see a little more compassion and a little less greed displayed by banks.

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  1. Michael Leitch  

    Banks aren’t the only business that ignore the elderly. But remember you can’t audit a computer, maybe governments should realise this

  2. Judy Scarr  

    Our local branch is also closing although the ATM will stay. I am worried about what the elderly folk in this area will do as I often see them here. It is going to be a nuisance for me too as I always withdraw from the bank. The ATM doesn’t give me the denominations of money I need. Trips across town coming up!

  3. facebook_elda.quinton  

    Elderly people can get stung using ATM’s too. When they first come out I was waiting behind an elderly man to use the ATM. He turned to me and asked me to show him how to do it. I did the correct thing and told him to enter his pin number while I turned my back but lots wouldn’t have done that. I told him to be careful in future. Maybe the best thing is that the elderly get taught how to use EFTPOS, it would be safer.

  4. Our bank closed and the nearest branch is 50 klm away. There is an ATM.
    My husband has not a clue about anything to do with computers and because I am concerned about perhaps not being capable in the future I am trying very hard to get all accounts via snail mail. I suppose I will just have to suffer the added costs.
    My paper bill for instance is now charging $1.30 postage and yet the postage only went up by 30c and there was no extra charge.

  5. HS  

    Remember the days when banks used to post Rewards of up to $10,000 for dobbing in a bank robber?
    Now, it’s the customers who are posting rewards for catching out the banks that are stealing from them!!!!

  6. Heather M Tumelty  

    The BSB number will NOT change for the same bank eg: Commonwealth, ANZ, National, Heritage, Suncorp, etc. Each bank has their own BSB, this number identifies the name of the bank and is Australia wide no matter where their head office or branch is situated.

  7. Rose  

    I went in to pay off my credit card last week and was told that in the future i would only be able to pay it via internet banking….i don’t do internet banking so how am i supposed to pay off the credit card? Looks like i may need to close off the account. It’s rediculous!

  8. A lot of elderly people ARE computer literate, at least for simple transactions. Maybe some of these senior centres could organise computer classes. It might have a lot of benefits socially and practically, as well as stimulating the brain by learning a new activity. If people are actually demented they would hardly be doing their own banking anyway. A lot of older folk are very resistant to trying anything new. ( By the way, I am a senior myself, and while initially nervous doing internet banking, soon found it not only easy but much more convenient). Come on, you old codgers, try it!

  9. Gillian  

    For a start not everybody can afford a computer, not everybody is interested in computers, they have more important things to spend their money on, a lot of pensioners are living below the poverty line as it is.
    What would be the point of teaching someone how to use a computer if they don’t own one.
    Teaching them how to use Bpay would make more sense, it also costs nothing to use phone banking, they could use this from the comfort of their home, you can also transfer money between your accounts if you need to without copping a fee, you can also pay your bills via Direct Debit that can easily be arranged by your electricity, gas provider etc.
    Teaching people to draw their money out when they go to the supermarket is also a safer option than using an ATM, it also costs nothing to do it this way.
    There’s no guarantee your internet account won’t get hacked by some bright spark who should be using their brains for better things, it costs the banks millions of dollars every year to replace money stolen from internet accounts, it’s also a great way to get your identity stolen.
    There is no such thing as safe technology, if there was Microsoft etc would not have to keep supplying security updates.

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