Why does time seem to rush now we’re over 60?

Why does time seem to rush now? As we have become older time seems to accelerate. I was sitting looking

Why does time seem to rush now? As we have become older time seems to accelerate.

I was sitting looking at the trees outside the house, so recently it occurs to me; we were watching the new growth appear; now it will be the blink of an eye before leaves fall. The weekly date we have to chat to our daughter seems to arrive sooner, with a day between, not seven days. Children we knew when we were school cleaners, are now pushing prams and buying houses, it seems yesterday we saw them in oversized uniforms starting on their first day.

Grandchildren drive cars when not long ago they drove parents mad. They have apartments, and handsome boyfriends.

Was it really a month or so ago we got out the lighter clothes? No sooner am I wearing white pants than it is time to look at winter boots. When we were little kids the days dragged until Christmas or our birthday came. Those two highlights of the year were counted in months and weeks, now it is counted in ‘sleeps’.

I am a busy person; probably wearing too many hats. I am a painter, almost a writer, and secretary of U3A. Don’t get me wrong I am happy my days are productive, that I am able to do it at 76. Yet somehow I need to slow the world right down and make the moment last. Today my lovely overweight cat Missy is rolling on the grass in front of me. We have just had coffee and I am watching the world from the veranda. The air is warm, and we are going to friends for a home-made pizza and a glass of wine. Yes stop the world, this will do, I need to freeze time for a while.

Do you agree? Is time moving so much faster now you’re over 60?

  1. it’s only that you are watching the days and weeks live life to the full and enjoy it

    • Jacqui Lee  

      It was the point I was making really, I think as I am producing a painting a week, writing, and helping to run U3A, I am pretty busy, and yes I do love life, and appreciate every minute, just some minutes I need to savour, I am sure we all get those days, when it would be nice to stretch time. But I do agree and life is a wonderful gift I am always grateful for.

    • I really think I do that!! I have just said i will paint portraits for four people… so expect time to go even faster.

    • that is so good fill your mind and heart with everything you are able to because that’s what keeps me going

  2. Doesn’t matter which milestone we reach I would think this is an issue. Time doesn’t stand still so we have to try and make the most of every minute that is ticking.

  3. I am enjoying the days getting shorter. Can’t wait until I can rug up again. Plus, when you are trying to lose weight, the quicker the days go the better. LOL

  4. yes i’m about to turn 61 and the time just seems to go so fast but in nz we can retire at 65 so i carn’t wait and think there will be so much more time to do things.I want to get really arty and cook lovely dishes and have a great garden so want to move out of my town house to a bigger property before that.

  5. Time definitely seems to fly as I get older. I remember as a child the summer holidays seemed to last a very long time while six weeks now seems to fly by. I find it hard to believe that I have been retired for just over 9 years. It has gone so fast.

    • and remember when you were a child Nita, and Christmas seemed to take forever to come around? Now we say ‘but we only just had it”. 🙂

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