What Pisses Me Off: The mechanic!

My son took his car to an auto and high performance so-called specialist for a diagnosis. It had a slight

My son took his car to an auto and high performance so-called specialist for a diagnosis. It had a slight tapping sound and he wanted it fixed. The first week communication was poor – they literally pulled the car apart and told him they had to send to Perth for parts.

Communication from that point very quickly went south. The high performance “specialist” seemed hell bent on making life as difficult as possible. During the second week my son went there in person and the excuses were colourful: the computers were down, all the parts were not in the boxes, we need to send away again.

Then came week 3 and sheer frustration led my son to the ACCC. They gave him a warning email to forward giving them 24 hours to put the car back together and it was ignored.

My son rang the police for help. They rang the arrogant “specialist” and they believed the mouthful of BS they were given – easier and less paperwork for them no doubt. An hour after that, my son got a phone call telling him the car was ready to be “towed” away. Keep in mind the car was driven in there three weeks earlier with a slight tapping noise.

He took his brother and they met the tow truck driver at the place of “business” at 4pm, exactly six hours after he was told it was ready to be “towed” and again arrogance prevailed and my sons had to wait till he was good and ready to hand over the paperwork and keys, all the while having to pay wait fees to the towie.

He then told my son the bill was going to be $1,900. He was told where he could stick his bill and he then decided to drop it to $1,500. He went back into his office and reappeared with an invoice for that amount and again out of frustration my son paid it, mainly because he had an absolute gutful of his double talk. The car is home, the $250 tow bill is paid, the motor parts are now in the once immaculate boot. Next time read Google reviews! Lesson learnt. 

Have you had something similar happen to you?

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  1. It pays to have an idea as to the nature of the problem at the outset, this goes for any tradesperson. If you front up with the car and say it’s making a funny noise, go ahead and fix it your leaving yourself wide open. My suggestion is get an explanation and an estimate first and if it al sounds too complicated get a knowledgable friend to go with you.

  2. Try getting “sense” out of so called Computer Techs. The old adage still works here in the main. “B**L S**T baffles brains. Just keep throwing stuff on until it s right then charge for all the parts plus labour.

  3. o2eZy  

    I’m a mech tech(retired) and usually techs can tell you exactly within reason what a noise is and give a breakdown of the procedure
    so now there is always small claims and you would have a good case providing you weren’t abusive and threatening

  4. You should always get a quote before they start the repairs preferably in writing then you have something to fall back on
    im a mech in NZ we have a claims court within the motor trade you can go to
    If he was a reasonable mech he should have been able to give you an idea of what the problem was


  6. Frank  

    that’s standover tactics – they saw that guy coming – and figured they could try it on.

    First – get recommendations for trusted places – don’t take your car to a place with flashy advertising – they are more likely to rip you off.

  7. lurch  

    always ask around, never believe their advertising, get a fixed quote for the work they say your car needs, (if in doubt or they start going about computers, run while you still have a car) and if there is a problem lawyer up, the ACCC is all noise no teeth.

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