What Pisses Me Off: Woolworths, the news, and Johnny Depp

Christine is back with another of her hilarious three-part WPMOs. 1. I shopped at Coles for many years but one

Christine is back with another of her hilarious three-part WPMOs.

1. I shopped at Coles for many years but one by one products that I love were disappearing and being replaced with their home brands. So I switched to Woolworths and thankfully, I have never had a Redback in my broccoli or any issues with quality, but I am a pissed off with their false advertising! Their television commercial to promote online shopping shows the delivery guy bringing the shopping into the house in green bags – that is total B.S. I shop online and the delivery people are very nice and they do bring it inside but all of my shopping is always in overloaded plastic bags. Last fortnight the poor delivery woman just got in the front door with a bag in each hand – both bags split and everything went on the floor. Nothing was damaged but that is not the point: the poor woman was very embarrassed. She probably thought I was going to lose it but I didn’t, I remained calm because I am an absolute delight. Woolworths need to step up their game and deliver the shopping the way they claim they do.

2. A couple of nights ago a segment on the nightly news pissed me off. It was about the powers that be at a primary school in Victoria. They have put a total ban on children hugging each other; hi-5s and fist bumps are acceptable. How very American of them! So what happens when some over-excited kid gets a bit full on and hi-5 but misses their hand and slaps them in the face or hurts some other child’s hand with an over enthusiastic fist bump? Do the parents then sue the school or sue the parents of the excitable kid? I think in the very near future children will be stopped at the school gates to have a GoPro taped to their heads. Society is becoming so very precious and the very essence of being Australian is slowly eroding away.

3. The media circus that met Johnny Depp and his wife at Southport was ridiculous and their penalty for bringing dogs in illegally was equally ridiculous. Then the bizarre recorded apology showed they didn’t give a toss. Leading up to their court appearance Depp had been bagging Barnaby Joyce for months, never once admitting that what he did was wrong. I guarantee if an average person and by average I mean one without fame or a pocketful of money did the same they would not have got off so lightly.

Do you agree with Christine? What pisses you off?

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