What pisses me off: Racism

Recently, while out driving with a friend, I witnessed racism and hate. Two Asian ladies were standing on the footpath

Recently, while out driving with a friend, I witnessed racism and hate.

Two Asian ladies were standing on the footpath and a man walked passed them. He waited until there was some distance between himself and the two women before he turned and started taunting them and pulling his eyes back so they appeared slanted.

My friend pulled her car up between him and the two women.

We were prepared to get out but the gutless wonder took off.

These women were not hurting anyone and they were clean and presentable, which is more than I can say for the man, who could have taken a leaf out of their book.

This really pissed me off!

How dare he?

The second thing that pissed me off is the way relative strangers, who don’t know the circumstances, are willing to judge you at the say so of other relative strangers. It’s the lowest of the low in my opinion.

These people serve as nothing more than manipulators and work tirelessly to use other so they come out smelling like roses. It is disgusting and also gutless, and I can only hope it comes back to bite them.

The third thing that pissed me off recently was the blatant racism directed at Michelle Obama, when it was reported that someone on social media had called her an “ape”. This online post went on to try and degrade the First Lady of the United States with such hatred and venom, yet Facebook did not remove it.

I don’t think it says much about the values of Facebook.

But it’s time to grow up. How can we teach our children, grandchildren and younger generations to become decent human beings when such behaviour is being exhibited by the older generation?

What are your thoughts on this topic? What things grind your gears?

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  1. chrism  

    I don’t like racism either. I think most aussies will agree that it isn’t right. Sadly there are always the odd ones out who will cause trouble and it is good that we can and do stand up to disturbing individuals. Just standing with the victim is sometimes enough to make them turn tale and run. BUT in saying this I will also say (without racism intended), that I have a huge problem with the Islamicc faith. I know their are good and bad Muslims but until we can be educated by the good and protected from the bad I am sorry to admit that I lean toward racism.

  2. Guy Flavell  

    Well said Fran. But don’t forget that you live in Tassie where most people still live in the 1970s
    … bless ’em. Seriously though, racism is abhorrent … especially the types you witnessed.
    Sadly we still see blatant racism and bigotry on many of the Starts at 60 articles relating to
    our indigenous Australians. It infuriates me that many of our readers are using vile comments
    like “stinking, unwashed, 50 IQ, lazy, welfare bludgers, parasites”, etc. in blanket descriptions
    of the whole Aborigine community.
    Best regards, Guy from Burnie.

  3. Jill  

    I detest racism too. I do however get weary that racism is only referred to white against any other colour. I have seen some pretty vile racism of other races against whites ( and other nationalities)too. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. Racism is a prejudice of one race against another, no matter what their colour. Let’s stop presuming it is a one way street.

    • Sammy  

      There’s truth in what you say but don’t presume that us of the Caucasian variety are having it as bad as people of a different skin colour because people have been saying mean things around you/to you. It wasn’t that long ago blacks in America were lynched for daring to want basic rights. We couldn’t even say a simple sorry to our own indigenous until as recently as last decade etc.

      We’ve had it pretty sweet by comparison.

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