What Pisses Me Off: Paying for parking

There is something that makes my blood boil every time I think about it: paid parking in inconvenient places. While I’m happy

There is something that makes my blood boil every time I think about it: paid parking in inconvenient places. While I’m happy to pay for parking in the CBD, or on the street, please don’t charge me and other people for parking at places we need to go!

Last week I was taking my ill mother to the hospital. After driving around like a maniac looking for a free park (there wasn’t one), I had park in the multi-level carpark. For a short blood test and check up, I had to pay $14 for 45 minutes! I know that’s really nothing compared to some inner city carparks, but it really makes you upset when you’re trying to get your relative well again and are slugged with a cost – at a private hospital mind you. Perhaps it’s one way of revenue raising, but it doesn’t sit well with me. I was furious to receive the ticket amount and have written two letters with no response.

Another thing that pisses me off about paid parking is the type at shopping centres. They say that it will free up car parks because now people will make quicker trips, and there’s sensors, but my experience is that the little green sensor above a park is never accurate.

Back to paid parking at hospitals, I heard of a friend who recently parked in a public hospital car park in Brisbane. She rushed there to see her grandson in ICU after a terrible car accident and she parked for three hours, only to get back and be made to pay $44. That is ridiculous! What about all the poor children in intensive care or the cancer ward whose parents are forced to get a bus to avoid paying for the exorbitant fees? You can’t avoid it, public or private, it seems.

Fuel is already an expense, as are rising living costs as well as maintenance and registration. Why should we have to pay for parking at hospitals when we often times are paying for specialists? It feels awful and is a kick in the guts.

What do you think? Am I right? Should parking be free at hospitals? Or is it fair enough?

  1. I totally agree, the parking cost at the Gold Coast University Hospital is outrageous. I don’t mind paying for parking, but what they charge these days is way to high

  2. I guess the hospitals have a budget. If they give free parking, they’ll charge more for other things or not be able to see as many people in clinics. Car parks cost money to build so the consumer pays one way or another. Maybe taking a taxi would be cheaper.

    • I think you will fine the parking is owned by places like commercial banks, I know the airport is.

    • Kay Sahab
      Not that easy if the hosputal is 20 or 30 klms away. Or in the case of country resudents, the hospital can be 500 or 600klms away.

  3. yes especially outside hospitals or other places known for needed parking, just another beaurotic rip off

  4. Di  

    I live in Hobart & we have multi level car parks that are operated by our council, the first hour & a half are free & then it goes up in increments from then, but it is great if you have to just go in & out for short trips, one is across the road from our public & private hospital, we have 4 spread out throughout the city

  5. Unfortunately parking spaces are expensive and have to be paid for because the value of the real estate (land) where hospitals are is expensive, sad but true.

  6. What really bugs me is shopping centres with parking you pay for! You’re spending your money which makes them a profit anyway. If they’re genuinely trying to keep commuters from using the spaces then give free parking if you spend over a certain amount at their shops. The ones near me don’t because they’re greedy, it’s like double dipping!

    • Westfield Parramatta does validate your parking ticket if you spend over a certain amount. Also In the shopping centres I go to, the first few hours are free. Parking in hospitals can be very expensive and don’t forget about the airport rip off!

    • Sue Bourke I’m changing my shopping centre! The hospital one is terrible when you’re at your most vulnerable, I agree. Don’t get me started on airports….🙀

    • Where are the shopping centres that charge for parking?

      • Lyn Eggleston  

        In the Box Hill (Victoria) shopping centre you have to pay for parking, no matter how short the visit. Furthermore, since they automated the system, seniors no longer get the half price parking they used to. They justify having to pay for parking because it is also a transport hub for trains, but surely they can give you the first hour or two free? I no longer shop there becuae of having to pay for parking.

    • if the parking at shopping centers or anywhere else are privately owned by a separate company, they cant make you pay

  7. But if we force these third world countries to pay their workers a decent wage the western companies will take their business elsewhere

  8. its life. we have to put up with it or go elsewhere to shop. which is what i do.

  9. If there wasn’t paid parking everyone would use it to go to work ,station etc, We have a small shopping centre near us, just woolies & few shops, any time of the day the only spaces left are way downtime back, NO Charges . We get 3 hours then it is $4 if you go over it, goes up each hour , A movie & lunch is maybe just possible, A long hair appointment & a trip to Woolies had me over last week as hairdresser was running late, At the Hospital my daughter rrecieved her cancer treatment, they had an arm & those getting treatment received card .

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