What Pisses Me Off: Dog owners who don’t clean up!

What pisses me off? Dog owners who don’t clean up after their pets! I was at the beach this weekend with

What pisses me off? Dog owners who don’t clean up after their pets!

I was at the beach this weekend with my own dog when I saw something. A huge dog was on the footpath, delivering a large poo right in the middle of the path. Its owner stood next to it and did nothing, just led it away once it was done. I could hardly hide my rage before saying, “Aren’t you going to clean that up?”, but he was already gone. What was even more annoying was that there were rubbish bags floating in the breeze just metres away from the crime scene!

How someone could be so inconsiderate to others on the beach? It pisses me off to no end that some dog owners don’t think they need to pick up after their animals. It’s just bad manners and frankly disgusting.

I feel that it’s just become part of our society to pick up our untrained domestics, but there may be some readers who wholeheartedly believe in letting what will be, be. I for one think owners should abide by the rules and clean up after their animal, for health reasons and general courtesy.

What do you think? Should owners always pick up after their dogs? Or is it okay to leave a few droppings on a footpath?

  1. Heather Hammond  

    We have a lovely new walk way and it goes over a bridge,and your’ll never guess.. Yes a big dog turd left right on path on the bridge…GRRRR….Dog Owners should be fined if seen not picking up after there Dogs DoDOs…That would be a start….

  2. cee  

    Sure people should have to clean up after their animals, it is easy, if you are taking poochy for a walk then take a bag with you…. Drop it in the nearest receptacle and it’s done…. Cats are so much cleaner….

  3. It’s never OK for dog owners to not clean up after their dog, I don’t want to see it or step in it, these are the people who give all other responsible dog owners a bad name…shame on you!

  4. Peter Pearson  

    The authorities are talking about taking DNA when animals go to the vets so they can test the offenders droppings and match it thus penalising the offending owner!

  5. Robert Cuttell  

    It’s only just one symptom of a “me” society. A bloke drove past me yesterday in a 90 zone doing at least 130k/h.

    “Speed limits and dog responsibility are for other people. I’m so important!” [Answers mobile phone in your face….]

  6. My husband walks our dog each morning and has met a great deal of friends along the way, ALL OF THESE PEOPLE WHO BECOME FRIENDS CARRY DOGGY BAGS and clean up after their dogs. He has found that IT IS THE UNFRIENDLY PEOPLE who do not pick up their dogs droppings. I think they do not want to talk as then they might feel obliged to pick up their doggies dodos. Any one discovered this situation?

  7. Shanti  

    People who fail to pick up their doggie’s poop are totally inconsiderate and selfish, and should have their nose rubbed in it!

  8. Ian gration  

    Any person that does not pick up after thier dog is not a responsible dog owner and therefore should not be allowed to have a dog,imagine what the house looks like if they won’t pick up after the dog what makes you think they are any different at home Doggy Do in the hallway on the bedroom floor ,food scraps on plates and the cat on the bench helping itself to the scraps and Rubbish then the cat and dog on the beds and furniture what a stinking mess

  9. I don’t know about beaches but we have a lovely park where I walk and clean up after my dog
    In this park you are allowed to let dogs off their leashes
    I have come to notice that it’s usually large dogs that are allowed to run are the ones that are not cleaned up after
    Has anyone else notice that they are usually large poos that are left for you to tread in

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