What Pisses Me Off: breaking and entering

What pisses me off, and it takes some doing, is how some little (and not so little) people think that

What pisses me off, and it takes some doing, is how some little (and not so little) people think that they have the right to break and enter your home, make one hell of a mess, steal your hard-earned money and goods and then virtually get away with it because they are under-age.

I have been the victim of two break and enters with robbery in less than three weeks. Both times through locked doors. The first time they damaged the frame of the door as well as wrecked the security screen door. This had not been fixed by the insurance company when they came again and so it was easier for them to break in even though the door was locked. Both times resulted in a huge big mess for me to clean up. Then of course the forensic police come in and make another mess looking for fingerprints (not their fault), which of course they do not get as the little thieves wear gloves.

Why is it that I am told: “Oh, you must lock up thoroughly”, “You should have a safe”, “You should not have money in your house”. My house was locked thoroughly, and I should be able to have what I want in my own home, which I have worked and paid for.

Why aren’t these people telling these little thieves: “No, you are not entitled to what is not yours”, “You will not break into other people’s homes”.

I am totally pissed off. 

Not only have I had to clean up the mess they left my home in, I have to clean up after the forensic police, I have to wash all my clothes (they pulled all my clothes out of my drawers and wardrobe and spread my talc all over it).  

I am nervous to go out and when I do, I am nervous to come home.  Both robberies happened in broad daylight while I was out of my home.  If I allowed myself to give in to my feelings I would become a prisoner in my own home.

Why are good people held at ransom by scum?

Have you ever been a victim of breaking and entering?
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  1. Graeme  

    When building our home, before ‘lock-up’ stage, some creep tried to steal the hot water system.

    Unfortunately for him, our builder was staying at the house.
    He was a former French Foreign Legion Officer, ex French Rugby player, 6′ 3″, very strong, & armed with a baseball bat!

    Needless to say, he didn’t get what he came for, just the sight of ‘Fred’ was enough!

    We were indeed fortunate, but it made us install the best security system possible.

  2. Marg  

    A gang of four youths came onto my property to attack and damage my car, my dog woke me up and i opened up the door to see what was happening the little dog rushed out and bit every ankle he could get his teeth into.
    The police were horrified that I even opened the door, my instructions now are to stay inside and call 000. A bit hard when your treasured car is being vandaliised by a tire iron.

  3. Susan burdock  

    Public shaming & beating for thieves, then see how many reoffend..parasites..

  4. Vince WEBSTER  

    I totall AGREE this TOTALLY WRONG , it is Your home & it should be safe from these ignorant “THUGS” If & once theya re caught they should be brought back to the “Scene of the crime ,then to clean up the mess , then tp pay back all the costs to the victim . If they do or No Longer have the “proceeds of the crime the value should be taken from “their social security : or be made to pay it back in “instalments”
    The victims should NOT be made to live in “Fear ,if they go out .,nor should they have to instal safes. AGAIN it is their home & “their CASTLE” SO it should be safe from ‘theft & burglary ” & if it is burgled the burglars should be held accountable -NOT let off with a “Smack on the wrist’ As they only laugh at the law & so called punishment

  5. Roy  

    I was house sitting for a friend and they waited till we went out at night. They ransacked my friends house and my stuff as well. We must have interrupted them as they left my camera and Tablet and all they got was a couple of dollars in change. Left a mess for me to clean up in my room and my friends to clean up when they got back.

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