What eyeliner and mascara should I use in my 60s?

When we get older, finding makeup that lasts and is right for ageing skin can be quite difficult. There’s not

When we get older, finding makeup that lasts and is right for ageing skin can be quite difficult. There’s not a lot targeted towards the older demographic despite many women wearing makeup well into their 60s and beyond.

Two readers on Starts at 60 have written to us this week with separate issues regarding eyeliner and mascara:

1. “I need some advice on eye liner for a 67-year-old! Should I use it on the bottom of my eyes? I know I read we should not put mascara on our bottom lashes somewhere and should wear lighter lipsticks”

2. “What type of mascara should a 60-year-old wear?”

These are both great questions! While we actually want you, our reader, to offer some examples and products you use, we also have a few of our own tips to share.

Here are some no bull beauty and makeup products that will help you embrace being 60, and here are some eye makeup tips.

Tell us, what’s your eye makeup tip?

  1. Terri Rice  

    As a qualified beauty therapist of almost 62 who has worked with many major beauty, cosmetic companies & hair product companies my advice is to ” do your own thing”
    The most important products are your skin care – such as cleanser, toner, moisturiser , eye cream, night cream & serums. These are an absolute MUST for everyday protection & before applying make up.
    Make up should be natural. For a base I personally really like the Garnier BB which smooths, brightens& contains a sunscreen for added protection. I still apply eyeliner & mascara as it opens up the eyes but only light sub hued eye shadow for special occasions . ALWAYS REMOVE ALL MAKE UP BEFORE GOING TO BED. Lipstick should depend on your skin around your lips + your skin & hair colouring. If you are fair skinned with fair / grey hair, use a light shade. If you still have a darker skin tone & darker hair then you can use a darker lipstick. However all of us ladies over that ” certain age” need to first line the lips with a good quality lip pencil to avoid ” lippie bleedage” into those unfortunate lines that have appeared over the years.
    Most of all don’t aim to look like Gina from “Real Housewives of Melbourne” who looks as if she’s applied all her makeup with a plasterers trowel !

  2. Maggie  

    Well that’s interesting…I’ve been to,d by a qualified beauty therapist NOT to use Garnier products, because they are poor quality and harsh.

    • Terri Rice  

      Read the reports Maggie – Garnier is up there with the top brands , but without ” The Name Brand ” price tag. I also love Clarins & Dr. LeWinn skin care products – but only buy them from duty free when on holiday. Should your beauty therapist degrade other products such as Garnier or L’Oreal it is probably because she wants you to spend an absolute fortune on her own promoted brand of products, which will make her payment till just ring with the happy sound of ” Ker-Ching”

  3. Christine Banks  

    Having been a nurse for many years with a good understanding of skin physiology, I have never believed in any of this cosmetic jargon such as cleanser, toner, moisturiser , eye cream, night cream & serums. I am 71 and have excellent skin for my age. I protect it from the sun and have never smoked. Other than that I wash my face under the shower & use a budget moisturiser with sunscreen. Aldi has good range of budget cosmetics. I like wearing foundation when I go out with a blusher on my cheeks & occasionally mascara. I never use eye liner but always pencil my eyebrows or have them tinted.

  4. Liz  

    I use Bare Mineral products because it helps keep my skin moisturized. I use powder for shadow and, yes I put some under my eyes…it helps my eyes ‘pop’. The key is a gentle hand and not get carried away with the eyeliner, otherwise you’ll look like a raccoon. I am a teacher and my makeup stays fresh looking all day. Usually, all I need is a lipstick touch up. Oh…and yes, I use lipliner…it give my lives a finished look.

  5. I too have the same problem, for a recent holiday though I trialled ‘eyelashes’ they were great, took the beauty therapist about an hour to put on & lasted 4 weeks. No mascara was required, they really opened up my ‘hooded’ eyelids. I cannot afford to have them done regularly though. Ego Sunsense is a great 50+ facial moisturiser for day & love Nivea Men’s Sensitive for night….. the latter gives a great priming base for makeup.

  6. sonia  

    Why do you need to wear makeup ? I am in my sixties and only on very special occasions do I wear it, my skin is in very good condition and I also shock horror use soap and water and no moisturiser.

  7. Cypat  

    i wear eye shadow, liner and mascara about three times per week. Start with Elf Shadow Lock Eyelid Primer, then use any shadow I feel like. Clinique mascara (dark chocolate) stays on and comes off with warm water and a bit of Simple remover.

  8. Pauline De'Ath  

    Eyeliner problem solved. I got my top lid tattooed. Find one that does cosmetic tattoos. Got tired of eyeliners that smudged and didn’t work on wrinkly skin. If you have grey hair there is a nice grey shade available. Plenty of consultation as to shape and a follow up touch up. Lasts about 4 years.

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