What ever happened to the good old-fashioned taste of food?

We headed off to buy a frozen turkey for Christmas. I live in country SA so we don’t have a

We headed off to buy a frozen turkey for Christmas. I live in country SA so we don’t have a huge choice of stores. I was horrified, everyone in two of the three towns’ supermarkets was marinated. In the third town’s supermarket I achieved my goal and got a turkey flavoured turkey unpolluted by infusions or marinade.

I’ve noticed this trend with horror. I hunt through pork roasts only ever buying those not proudly claiming to be infused. I avoid pre seasoned roasts and only occasionally opt for marinated anything. Meat is expensive enough with out paying for the extra weight of the ‘value added’, their idea not mine, marinade or infusion.

A butcher near my brother’s house in the Adelaide suburbs whole counter display was a variety of marinated meats. I watched a young mother in our local butcher buy a weeks worth of meals with marinated meat for all but sausage night. OK some are delicious, but have you read the ingredients on the jars of readymade marinated or the mixed seasoning jars?

We eat marinated meat, our favourites are satay beef, grilled boned leg of lamb Greek style, all made with ingredients I recognise and not consisting of numbers and tandoori chicken (this one I do use the mix).

Are today’s kids going to grow up knowing the taste of meat or just the salty infusion or sweet marinade? Is it just me? I want proper meat back! Share your thoughts below.

Thanks to Barbara for sending this in.

  1. I am not a marinade type of person Barbara but some must like it because you are right , it pre packaged in most supermarkets. I think and I may be wrong here that it is probably an easier option for working mum’s

    • It probably is easier and I know I have brought marinaded chicken skewers on occasion for barbecues as with no effort I can get several flavours. It is just the ‘value adding’ can make it difficult to get plain meat. My husband does his version of Yorkshire Pudding which involves placing the roast beef on a rack above a round cake dish and letting the meat juices drip into the pan. To this pan his batter mix is added later. He says his Grandmother used to do it this way during the war as meat was scarce and the flavour of meat in the pudding added to the meal. It is sliced and served, but bears little resemblance to the Yorkshire Pudding you see everywhere else but I think it much nicer. It is a favourite of my sons, so when one visited I headed out to buy a piece of roasting beef only to have to try several different places over two of the three towns in the Copper Triangle before I could find one without their seasonings on it.

    • Jan Edwards  

      I refuse to buy it too and if it has to be marinated I make my own. I often wonder if they marinate some foods because the meat is getting old or towards its use by date. If I buy lamb I want lamb to taste like lamb.

  2. It’s becoming more and more prevalent – it’s hard to find “real” meat anymore. I eat Paleo, and to find grass fed, or natural fed anything is a major issue, and expensive!

  3. I like meat that taste like meat, some of that marinade stuff tastes bloody terrible

  4. I never buy marinated meats. If I want it marinated I do it myself. I went to Lenards and ordered a double turkey breast without any stuffing or seasoning. Picked it up the next day rolled and netted. Good service and no nasties

  5. Hate marinated anything give me good old fashion plain old meat or Turkey or chicken few of my own seasonings and lovely basting yummo

  6. I agree with Libbi, I know by the time I get home from work I don’t want to start mucking around to make something enjoyable for dinner, I just want to feed my tummy & quite often buy these options ( some of which are very nice) & I don’t have a family to feed as well, I find them very time saving when I feel like something a bit different to eat.

  7. Absolutely no problem buying meat unseasoned or marinated here, however I do like to buy some meat which has a good seasoned rub on it for convenience for some occasions.

  8. Never buy and very rarely make marinated meats. Commercial ones are sugar laden and a home one is only for a select few dishes, mainly Asian, but sugar never hits the mix. Herbs, spices and the odd drop of sauce are used as rubs, especially on slow roasts.

  9. Don’t you know that young people are not taught to cook these days. In my day, admittedly, back in the dark ages, we learned by watching and listening to our mothers and grandmothers. Now days, more often than not, both parents are working , and children are brought up by others. Sadly, they don’t learn the skills to know about herbs and spices, the way we did.

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