Trying a new style unexpectedly: My short haircut!

Come on girls, we all know it – our hair is our crowning glory. We have good hair days and

Come on girls, we all know it – our hair is our crowning glory. We have good hair days and bad hair days. On good hair days, we let it all hang out. But on bad hair days, we try to hide it under a hat.

I love long hair: hair I can pull up into an interesting knot on the top of my head; a few wispy bits falling around my face look good too; as do long blond locks that you can tie back into a pony tail or even plait. You can wear a peaked hat over any style and it looks great.

I’d been growing my hair for over a year. It came right down over my shoulders and down my back. No matter how often I had it trimmed, it never seemed to sit the way I wanted it. And If ever I did manage to pull it up into an interesting knot, you could forget about the wispy bits falling cutely around my face, because within seconds the whole lot would let loose.

Kate with Long Hair

No matter how I treated it or what I used. My hair never sat still. It frizzed up, it frizzed down. It even frizzed way out. Neither a blow drier nor a straightening iron did the trick. My hair always has a mind of its own.

And then there are the knots. A bit of wind and my hair is like a bird’s nest – the longer the hair, the bigger the nest. Trying to remove the knots is a massive task. When I pulled and yanked, not only would the knots give way, but also massive tusks of hair.

One day it all became too much and I decided to go shorter – but not quite as short as it turned out.

“Now I want a shorter bob, but not too short”, I explained to the hairdresser. But I don’t want it cut too sharply up the back of my neck”. I then showed him a photo of how I would like to look, or should I say how I would like my hair to look.

He proceeded to cut my hair at the back.

“Good God!”, I thought. “He’s cutting that a bit short”. It seemed up above my ears. “But I’m sure he knows what he’s doing”. The sides he left long.

Finally the cut was finished and he danced all around the salon proclaiming how wonderful and stylish my hair was. “It’s just sooo modern”, he exclaims at his incredible talent. “And just suits you sooo much”. And then he showed me every obtuse and hideous angle.

Kate with Short Hair

I gasp in horror and before I realised I had said “I don’t like it”. I was on the verge of tears. I do believe he was too. “How can you not like it?”, he exclaimed in disbelief.

“Maybe if we cut the sides shorter so that they are more in line with the back?”, I tried to smooth things over.

“Oh well! If we must”, was the curt response.

The sides became shorter and shorter. “Now that’s better”, I continue. “Now instead of the fringe being straight across how about we blend it into the side bits?”.

And somehow in this process, my hair became exceptionally short. I realised that if we continued down this path, I would end up with very little hair at all.

“It’s much better”, I said. “Thank you very much for your time and your patience”.

I paid the bill and hurriedly left the salon.

And that’s the story of how I came to have very short hair. And would you believe I loved it!

Have you had a big haircut like this? What happened? And did you like it? Tell us below.

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  1. I had grown my hair for a couple of years, it was long, but I only pulled it up into a pony tail. I took a long time to decide to cut it to my shoulders. We were in Queensland visiting our Son and his family when I did it. I went that afternoon to pick up our grandson from school. He looked at me and asked ” Can you get it back?” Oh dear had I done the right thing? Of course I did, I love it, it dries quickly and is easy to do.

  2. Yes after wearing mine longish for years I’ve finally conceded it is better short. Mainly because I have really fine hair and when it gets to a certain length I start to look like a plucked chicken!

  3. That’s funny… Now I’m in two minds about getting my hair trimmed – I have a wedding in 5 weeks and can just get an up do happening… Think I’ll leave the trim for now. Love the story…

  4. I have just had my hair cut short and have received so many positive compliments from both men and women. So easy with it being so hot this summer. It is still feminine. I don’t think it has anything to do with age though as some women I know whatever their age suit long hair and vice versa with short hair. I have never suited hair past chin length on me even when 16.

    • Me neither Felicity I have never had long hair in all my life, for past few years I had a bob but decided to get a pixie cut OH my God I soon grew it back to a bob and have kept it that way since, I looked like a lawn mower had got loose

      • Jan Edwards  

        Ha ha, a lawnmower having got loose, love the expression. i like shorter hair on older women, I love long hair if it’s up, though and long hair on older women can look bad.

    • Will probably grow mine back into a layered type bob once it gets cooler but am enjoying the change atm

    • Too hot in Qld for long hair; cannot imagine the stuff falling around my face anymore, as it was I always tied mine back when doing exercise and decided it was just easier short. Don’t know how young ones put up with it dangling around their necks and faces…so much work

  5. It’s ONLY hair…..remember it will ALWAYS grow back ! You’ll never know what you like if you don’t try something different once in a while. Remember…Variety is the spice of life. (PS I’m a hairdresser)

    • I’m also a retired hairdresser and that was something I used to tell a client, ,it’s only hair &a change is great for the soul

    • Yeah my husband always says the difference between a good haircut and a bad one is a couple of weeks. Give it a go

    • My mother always, always had a go at my daughter for shaved under, blue color buzz cut, long one side, multicolored, ( you’re a hairdresser so you know the things teenagers do). Its hair mum…. its not drugs or tattoos…

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