Tips to help you find your sense of purpose

Retirement is a word that sets up so many different images and thoughts for people approaching that phase and those

Retirement is a word that sets up so many different images and thoughts for people approaching that phase and those who have stepped into that phase.

Feeling as though there’s no purpose for, to, or in their life is not an uncommon thought.

It’s a serious dilemma facing thousands of people.

It can be frightening, giving vent to the feeling of giving up on life, what’s left to do, what can I possibly do, these thoughts and feelings leave a big gaping hole, which sometimes instils varying degrees of fear.

Loneliness can creep in too. You can feel like a tiny tinnie in the massive ocean of life but … there is a way forward.

There are many options one can adopt or take, but finding the right one for you, can be tough on your own, this is why having a person guide you through some processes of thought can produce some surprising positive results.

In lieu of that for now, here are four tips to help you focus on that new life chapter:

Ask yourself, what were my real passions when I was very young?

What was I good at? What really makes me forget time?  Don’t be analytical just brainstorm thoughts and passions of your past and record your answers. Continue to not analyse, but ponder, think about what you wrote, let your subconscious come into play.

Then focus on what were you early strengths, real strengths? List those too.  Then go away and forget about all that for a few days.

That approach may seem simplistic, but it’s actually quite powerful.

This why the writer of this article is an Over 50’s Coach because there are so many people who feel they have no sense of purpose.

An Over 50’s Coach, who has been there, who understands this predicament, can be enormously helpful to those who reach out for Coach who specialises in this field.

This Over 50’s phase of life is now producing many new start ups, in fact the Over 50’s are now the largest group of small business start-ups in Australia, who are now being called ‘seniorpreneurs’. It’s a term not so much referring to age, rather a term that refers to age and experience.

A business start up doesn’t need to mean the need to create some major business activity, rather it can be much smaller, but one that does produce income and one that creates a sense of purpose in life accompanied by peace and a sense of satisfaction along with opening up a whole new world.

This can be without doubt THE best time of your life.

You have a blank canvas, now what will you put in and on it … go out and start painting it with passion!

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