The people (good and bad) you remember

Who do you remember most in life other than family and good friends? I’ve come to the conclusion that it

Who do you remember most in life other than family and good friends? I’ve come to the conclusion that it is either those who have been truly compassionate and caring or those that have been the most nasty, evil or vindictive. The people in between pass through our lives easily forgotten in my opinion.

Take for instance working in a call centre. I will forever remember a lovely elderly lady I spoke to. I also remember a man who threatened to come and kill me. I thought he was joking about the request he made and laughed – he wasn’t and he was so offended that murder was on his mind.

I wonder about friends from years ago. One used sex to get what she wanted from the age of 14. She obtained club membership for us both, new shoes and other items she shared with me. At the time hanging out with her was an adventure – she would disappear for a while with a male and we would both end up with gifts. I was quite naïve at 15 but knew what was happening. She used her body as a lure and bunged on the innocence a lot. She was tiny, petite and pretty. As time went on she used every trick in the book to get freebees. From accusing a male of knocking her drink so she would get another to pretending her wallet was stolen to get a free ride home with the police to conning a man into giving us taxi fare and catching a train. I lost touch with her when she became a drug addict, doctor-shopped and neglected her son. I do wonder what became of her. I feel guilty as I took from her as much as the men did. I could have said no to the gifts and money she shared with me. I only hope she sorted her life but do fear she was on a downward spiral.

I wonder about a truly evil child I met who had charisma. At 9 years old he helped me upstairs with my shopping and baby and tried to become part of my life, being on my doorstep every time I shopped. The second time I went to make him a cold drink in the kitchen leaving him and the baby alone in the lounge room. I had a feeling that all was not what it should be and returned quickly to find the baby with her nappy half undone. I know he didn’t have time to do any damage, and he said she did it herself (a 4 month old baby cannot undo a cloth nappy). I told him to leave and not come back. I was shaking. I wonder what type of adult he became? I wonder if he ended up in jail. I wonder if he hurt anyone.

I think of a truly beautiful soul who was a supervisor in a part time job I had. This woman never ever said a bad word against anyone. She was the one true Christian I have ever met.

I remember a lovely young man who looked after me and others when we went to bars after work, in my first job. He was one of few who stood by me when I left my first husband.

Do others only remember the exceptionally good and bad people from their past?