The good things about getting older: The wild, the whacky and the wonderful

A recent poll was asking about feelings as you get older. One person who was only 60 said there was

A recent poll was asking about feelings as you get older. One person who was only 60 said there was nothing to recommend being older. I have to disagree. OK so there are the bleak days, due to all sorts of things, pain, circumstances, lack of cash, and just the mental strain of trying to keep it all together. It would be much easier to give up trying. Coming from a generation when life was not easy anyway, we just get up and start again.

Yet there are advantages to advanced age, we are almost invisible who the devil notices us? If we dress in beige they certainly don’t. So I wear strong bright colours to cheer myself and to frighten the horses. You can’t ignore a slightly overweight lady in shrieking lime green.

Laughter can still be part of life, we still have things that make us laugh, mostly the sight of ourselves in the mirror! I am in denial I think. I pretend it isn’t me. Laughing is easier because we do stupid things, like putting the keys in the fridge, and the then putting salt in the cake. Have done some whacky things, but we are still here. I even burned a jelly once trying to melt the cubes quicker, yes we used to buy jelly cubes. We have also heard all the punch lines to all those jokes. So have a great stock in trade of funny replies. I was brought up listening to the radio and all the old comedians. I am often playing Mah-jong with friends and a quick and very silly reply to some happening that has my friends falling off their chairs. We have so much experience of life, so it’s good to see funny side. A necessary trait to survive I believe.

The opinions of others still matter, but unless they are special friends you respect, who cares? Do what makes you happy as long as it’s legal and hurts no one. I had the tattoo when I was 70, no problem, it is hidden and so far the flesh is still firm I don’t have a rose from Texas that reaches to the South Pole yet. I wear what I like, sleeves or not, flowing or fitting, just a few rules I cover my middle and usually my legs. Shame the legs were my best part when I was younger. Now I have a swollen ankle from a knee operation so I dress to suit my faults.

I grab every small opportunity for happiness, any treat or outing is looked forward to and savoured. Being on a tight budget, which we are, makes life a bit bleak at times. So I take with both hands the good times, a meal out, a party, a drive out for tea, and all the events large or small are enjoyed to the full.

I certainly keep busy; slowing down is not on the menu. I am secretary for a new branch of U3A, and I write for this site Starts at Sixty now and then. I also have started painting in earnest, I am doing portraits of children and animals as my stock in trade. I have a few commissions I am struggling to finish. So life after sixty, it is busy, fun, and when there is no pain and I have a few dollars in my purse, well worth living.

Tell us, what are your favourite things about getting older?