Sixty something: Who is a baby boomer?

Good morning sixty somethings. Today I want to ask the question: Who is a baby boomer? According to records, a baby boomer

Good morning sixty somethings. Today I want to ask the question: Who is a baby boomer? According to records, a baby boomer is someone born post war between 1946 and 1964. This puts me in that category. I was born in 1953. BUT, yes there’s always a but, I have watched, listened and heard so many of you who are classed as baby boomers. I don’t seem to fit the typical idea of a baby boomer.  

I have of course been born in that era, I have enjoyed the go-go boots, long coats, flared pants and being able to walk into a job and getting it with no experience, just because I was first there. So many of the good things of my “younger” years. However, I hear how people worked really hard and could save for a home, who were lucky to have a little nest egg, who have it a little easier than the kids today. So many of you talk about the kids “inheritance” or using it to travel. So many talk about how things were much easier to achieve then. I could go on but you get what I mean don’t you?

Here’s the thing: I have always worked hard. I was the product of a parent who thought any money in the family was for the boys education because girls would get married and have a husband to look after them. I was good at school but wanted more. My father said no so no it was. I was great at sports but was again told no to training that could have made me better. My dreams were knocked down at every turn. Still I believed I could go on to greater things in spite of my parent. Yes, I have always worked hard.

BUT: I don’t remember ever being paid enough to save much back then. I was never able to own my own home back then. I never had any assistance from my parents back then. I don’t remember thinking that I would be OK because I am a product of post war, where if you work hard and save, you will be able to have a home, a car a nice life. I don’t even remember thinking that maybe I won’t have those things either.  

I remember working hard nearly my entire life. I remember no matter what I did, something always happened to make me take one step back for every two forward. I didn’t think about super or taxes or men getting paid more than women. I just did what I had to do and got on with it. It seems there were rich folk and poor folk. I was never going to be rich folk, for whatever reason.

Today I hear some so called “baby boomers”, even on this site, say if you worked hard and saved you wouldn’t need to rely on a pension. I hear them say what a great life it was back then because you had opportunities that the young today don’t get today etc etc.

My younger days were filled with work and the pub on a Saturday night or the drive-in. My younger days were filled with work and helping my mother and taking care of my siblings at times. My younger days were filled with work and dreams of one day going on a trip, or living in a big house. My younger days were filled with work and living in hope. My younger days were filled with work and hanging out with my friends who were the same as me, working and hoping for a better future. I never begrudged the “rich”. I never dwelled on it but I never for a minute thought I was different to anyone else and never stopped working to create a better life.

I don’t like the tag “Baby Boomer”. I’m not a baby and the word boomer conjures up someone who has life easy now because of those gone by years. Some have an easier life than me and I don’t begrudge them that but many have not. Many like myself just worked hard all their lives and never made it to the top. It doesn’t mean we were stupid or we didn’t work hard enough or missed opportunities. In our lives things happen that we don’t usually have much control over, some good, some not so good. This in itself can change your destiny. So I don’t think there is any such thing as a “baby boomer” and when those so called baby boomers who tell me and others we should have worked harder, done more, think before you speak. If you have been lucky enough to get to that point in your life where you have it a little easier, good for you. Perhaps you are a true baby boomer. For those of the younger generation who class all baby boomers as selfish and u caring and spending their inheritance and having life ever than they have, I say put up or shut up. Prove it and stop putting all of us in one category.

For me, I am just someone who was born in 1953. I grew up as best I could. I worked damn hard and now spend my life just existing. I still worry that my children won’t have life easier than me and I still try to think of ways to help. I’m not a “baby boomer”.

I’m a 63 year old woman, struggling with life. I have done the very best I can all my life and will continue to do so. I love with everything I have and never say never. I am not a Baby Boomer. I am me.

Do you agree with Fran?

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