Sixty something: Adapting to big changes in your 60s

Good morning sixty somethings. Today I’d like to tell you how I feel about change. It has been on my

Good morning sixty somethings. Today I’d like to tell you how I feel about change. It has been on my mind a lot lately. I’m told the more you age, the less you like change. Well I have figured out over the years that while this may be true in some things, it’s not in others. Just as some of us will embrace change no matter what, some of us will find it more difficult. This perhaps has been on my mind because of the changes happening in our everyday life lately. In particular the changes on SAS and the one that has thrown me the most – our Emma leaving us.

We have politics for instance. While change is inevitable, there are those that will vote for the same people, same party time after time. It doesn’t really matter what the policies are, it’s what they have been doing since they were allowed to vote. Others will consider everything carefully and then make a decision. There are those that will say stick to what you know. To me, this is a form of not liking change. A good example is the Brexit. Should Britain have voted against leaving the EU or should they have stayed? Why did the majority go the way it did? Were the younger generation embracing change, willing to take a chance? Was it the older generation who voted to stay? Was it because they fear the changes it will bring? Only they know the answers. Will this change be the right change? Only time will tell.

Music changes constantly. While I love music from the fifties, sixties, seventies and eighties, I love music from the nineties and beyond also. Some of us won’t listen to today’s music because “music has changed so much and is rubbish today”. Is this true? I don’t think so. It is fine to love some and hate others but not just because it is not music from our past. Music is the soul of the earth and while I am listening to a mix of Barry White, Tammy Wynette and Abba while writing this, I will get into my car and turn on the radio and happily listen to music I know my kids listen to. Some I like, some not so much. Music will change eternally with each generation. Embrace it.

Then there is technology. Perhaps the biggest change in the over 60s’ lifetime. I have heard many say “we don’t need all this”, “it is changing too quickly”, “I don’t understand it”. Hey, neither do some of the young ones, the ones who have grown up with the ever-changing battle to keep up with computer knowledge, the internet, social media. I say look out sons and daughters, the over 60s are here, because no matter how hard you try to make it, we will give it a try. Change for us is a challenge and one we have proven we are up to.  Statistics say that the older generation use Facebook for instance, more than the young. Me? I love the changes. Some I don’t get but when a young person, who is also a politician, seemed surprised that I used Instagram, my answer was to go home and get myself a Twitter account. Haven’t done much with it yet but my son says I don’t really need it so I am determined to figure it out.  

Now we come to this very site. Three years ago when Starts at 60 hit our Facebook pages, I wasn’t sure. I liked Facebook the way it was. It had plenty on there to keep me amused and I could keep in touch with friends easily. Who was this young woman who seemed to want to invade our lives I thought? Just because she has parents in this age group, doesn’t mean she’s an expert. What does she know about the over 60s? I thought this site will change the way we use Facebook. I don’t like this sort of change, a site just for the over 60s, will never work. How wrong was I? There are thousands of us on SAS and we are a force to be reckoned with. We have embraced change amongst ourselves and now it is other generations not liking the change they see in us. I have to admit with the knowledge of our Emma leaving, although I know a change of staff happens, I was not happy. I found myself thinking, “I don’t like this change”. We have all come to know Emma so well and I think of her as “our Emma”.  

I will miss our Emma but I will embrace the new editor and all the latest changes Starts at 60 have put upon us. We are a strong generation and although it all seems a little confusing at times, we will get used to it and be glad we have people that believe we can handle change working with us. I wish you well Emma my love. I thank you for all your help and support and while I will find this the hardest change to embrace, go out there into the world and watch as your life changes, as you change. Me? I am grateful for the time we have had to know you and that today I awoke thinking of how I was going to handle this change. You have enriched my life and just know that you will be in our hearts and minds. Change is good right?!

Tell us what you think: is change good?

Editor’s note: Thank you so much to Fran and all of the Starts at 60 community for your kind words and inspiration over the last two years. I will miss you all dearly, and I promise that I will continue to spread the word about over 60s and how you can change the world. -Emma