Putin and the FBI robbed Hillary Clinton of the presidency

There was just about a consensus among election experts that Clinton’s lead in the presidential race was beyond Trump’s reach,

There was just about a consensus among election experts that Clinton’s lead in the presidential race was beyond Trump’s reach, until Comey, the Republican FBI Chief dropped the bombshell to reopen the Clinton investigation for possible national security violations.

From the moment of this breath taking torpedoing of the Clinton boat just 11 days before the election day, the Clinton boat was fatally damaged and was taking in water ever more rapidly, with the momentum of the sinking, accelerating to a maximum right on the very election day.

The reason why most of the analysts missed the fatal electoral consequences of this sabotage was precisely because the exponential damage reached its decisive climax only in the very last moment — on the election day. The political intervention by the Republican FBI Chief could not have been timed more perfectly to guarantee the bringing down of Clinton. This happened in two ways.

One was, in turning away potential Clinton supporters from bothering to vote. Second, in shifting the balance of the swinging voters, dramatically away from Clinton.

Until the FBI coup, Clinton managed to maintain, however tenuously, the image of greater integrity than Trump amongst the vast majority of the voters. But the ominous reopening of the investigation even against the Justice Department’s advice to the FBI Chief, right when the voting process has already begun, destroyed Clinton to the swinging voters as a person who staked her claim to the Presidency by walking the moral High Road, as distinct from Trump’s gutter tactics.

By the time Comey exonerated Clinton, the damage was already lethal.

Although it is true, that the FBI has been implicated in the attempted and actual overthrow of many foreign governments, this is the first time when a Republican FBI Chief publicly staged a domestic coup d’état against a near certain Democratic win of the Presidency of the USA and has actually succeeded!

I do not usually burry my head in my palms as I watch TV news and cry out:

‘Oh, no! This is surely a nightmare. This can’t be happening!’– as I watched Trump declared the winner for the Presidency. The image that flashed to my mind was Hitler in the packed stadium urging his delirious supporters to heil and follow him to the ‘glorious’ end in 1939. He was going to make Germany great again. And like Trump, he would be the saviour of the disempowered working class; hence National Socialism. Yes, like Stalin further East, he was to create Paradise for the Proletariat.

The German Workers and the Russian Proletariat could subsequently sing the Internationale together in their nameless graves, after they killed each other in the millions during World War II, as their Fuhrers’ way of delivering them to Paradise; or was it actually to the nastiest of hells?

The election of Trump to Presidency established the greatest number of world records in breaking the most fundamental rules of Western democracy. The hijacking of the election by the non-elected secret police was just for a starter.

Perhaps the most stunning one was the breaking of the record for the greatest number of lies any democratic leader in the world uttered during an election, which were actually publicly proved to be lies by instantaneous fact auditing. But the most stunning world record here is that although Trump averaged a 70 per cent porky rate during the three election debates, his lies actually helped him to win the election.

This destroyed the hitherto golden rule of democratic elections, namely that if a politician was caught red-handed in lying publicly, his legitimacy would be in tatters and he would be voted down.

It also beggars belief that even though Trump was revealed as a sexual abuse perpetrator against women through his own taped admission, the majority of white female voters still cast their votes for him, rather than for the first woman candidate in the United States’ history and one, who campaigned against misogyny. Trump was able to say with a straight face to them, after the revelation bombshell of his misogyny, that no one respected women more than he did. Even Mat Maloney, the CEO of GrubHub, a huge American Corporation, condemned Trump.

In an email sent on Wednesday after the Trump victory, Maloney told employees at the food-delivery platform that:
“While demeaning, insulting and ridiculing minorities, immigrants and the physically/mentally disabled worked for Mr. Trump, I want to be clear that this behaviour — and these views, have no place at GrubHub. Had he worked here, many of his comments would have resulted in his immediate termination.”

Had George Orwell been alive, he would have had a field day with Trump’s ‘newspeak’. Orwell invented this term to describe the systematic inversion of truth by cynical power usurping tyrannical bullies. They systematically name black as white and if you did not believe them, it was your grievous fault. See for example, Trump declaring himself as the ‘enemy of the corrupt establishment’, whereas he, himself represents the worst of such establishment. He has gone bankrupt four times thereby repeatedly ripping off his creditors through not repaying his debts. On the top of this, he failed to pay any tax for 15 whopping years and refused to table his tax returns for the first time in the history of candidates running for the presidential office.

The ultimate irony is that Trump insisted through his campaign that the election would be rigged. He was right: Courtesy the FBI it got rigged in his favour.

I used to agree with Winston Churchill’s witticism that democracy was the worst form of government, except for all the others. But given the ‘Trumpgate’, I wonder.

Is Abraham Lincoln’s claim true, that democracy is the government of the people, by the people, for the people? Or is it more like, the government of the one percent, by the 1 per cent, for the 1 per cent?

What do you think? Share your thoughts with us.

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  1. Guy Flavell  

    Fabulous article Andris … and 95% of it I believe to be entirely correct. The most scary part though was your comparison with
    Hitler’s public popularity during the 1930s and the current situation with Donald Trump’s ‘mandate’ to introduce sweeping changes. I hope
    and pray that the Republican majorities in the Senate and Congress will be the World’s ‘firewall’ to ensure Donald stays on the correct path with his stated “reform” policies. The only part of your article I didn’t agree with was Hillary Clinton’s ‘right to rule’ title …especially due to
    her nefarious dealings as Secretary of State and apparently corrupt misuse of the Clinton Foundation in her and Bill’s favor.
    I only wish that the Democrats had been smart enough to convince Michelle Obama to become their candidate as I believe there
    may now have been a totally different ‘President-Elect’. Fingers crossed, maybe in 2020 ?

    • Great idea, Guy, let’s go for Michelle: a black and a woman!
      Now, that will ruffle some feathers!
      Guy, have you seen my second reply to your second comment on my ‘One Sentence On Tyranny’ article? Best, Andris

      • Guy Flavell  

        Thanks Andris, have just replied to you on it, BUT also with a plea for your help in trying to assist me in having
        all those dodgy scam ads removed from Starts At 60.

  2. Joan Marshall  

    With Socialists you will never convince them that Hillary Clinton is more dangerous than Donald Trump could ever be. This article is rubbish. I have personally experienced Socialists who are lazy good for nothings who profess they are compassionate fill their own pockets and expect people with a brain and hard working people to support them. They preach one ideology but do just the opposite. As for the Hollywood set they have made their millions do not want to give anything away but profess they want to help the underprivileged of society. They should stick to acting and living in their make believe world and leave politics alone.

  3. Greg Hills  

    Everyone keeps on making the fatal flaw of blaming everything else except the true reason.
    That is, that the Democrats had lost touch with their traditional supporter base, and suffered the consequences. It is as simple and as complex as that.
    All other excuses just don’t wash!

  4. I have never read so much crap in all my life. You have obviously no realistic idea about any of this as all you’ve done is played the victim card for the left – once again. For starters, it is the progressive left wing elite that consider themselves the 1% and they should rule the world because all of the rest of us great unwashed ‘deplorables’ are not capable of cogent reasoning or making calculated decisions. Winston Churchill may well have said that about democracy, and he may well be right but that makes no difference as that same 1% doesn’t want a democracy – now read Churchill again. Your reference to Orwell makes no sense either. He did not write in praise but of the woes and ills of a world where socialism or worse reigns supreme, which is a world pretty much as is espoused by the modern progressive superior democrats and their ilk. What he described as ‘the systematic inversion of truth by cynical power usurping tyrannical bullies’ describes exactly what that same self-proclaimed 1%, with all their little sycophants, does – do what we say and don’t you dare voice your opinion or we’ll howl you down and abuse you.

    Well, if nothing else, this POTUS election has finally woken the ‘silent majority’ and it has a totally different perspective on the issues of the US and the world. Now watch this space and see the world change over the next few years. We’ve already had Brexit, now the POTUS and next year Holland and France will go to the right with Wilders and La Penn and more will follow.

    But I think your attempt to blame ‘unelected secret police’ is the biggest load of BS here. What do you think the UN is, or the European Union for that matter? Un-elected swill who attempt to run roughshod over every member country’s elected government with a view to… what? Well that depends on your willingness to listen to the conspiracy theories that abound but it’s worth checking out Agenda 21. And how about the interference by criminals such as the Clintons’ good mate George Soros?? And not a policeman in sight. Let’s be honest here… had Clinton not done the wrong thing, the FBI would never even have been involved. She has no one to blame but herself.

    And so, last Tuesday the people were free to vote for their President, as should happen in democracy, a vote by the people – and lo… that great mob of unwashed deplorables used their voice – for the people, just as Lincoln said. And no, Guy Flavell, Michelle Obama would not be any better… Outwardly at least she seems a ‘nice lady’, which is something Hillary could NEVER be, but why vote for her? Because she’s nice? Or because she’s black and female? Typical left wing BS thinking. Hillary was hoping to use that too – I’m a woman – yeah, well that worked… not!!

    So we got Trump instead. Sad that the US was left with just those two but at least, in the end we got the lesser of two evils and hopefully the world “should” be a better, safer place with WW3, at least for the moment, averted. And why did that happen? Because the people finally saw through all the politically correct left wing progressive neo-marxist BS and they’d had enough. No other reason. Get over it leftards.

    • Guy Flavell  

      A really interesting and well written post, Rob. I’ve always considered myself as being more right-wing than Atilla the Hun … but you leave me for dead!! Your points were all pretty much factually based and very hard to deny. I particularly enjoyed your thoughts on the erstwhile UN with their foolish globalization and whacky climate change ideologies. I don’t agree with you on Michelle Obama though.
      After hearing all her impressive speeches at the Democrat rallies, I think she could well be an extremely sensible choice as a candidate for Potus at some time in the future.

    • Thanks for your detailed comments Bob. I enjoyed Guy’s, that follows yours, when he says you must be even further to the right than he is, though he is to the right of Attila the Hun.
      Maybe you are to the right of Genghis Khan.
      Your views about my position are largely fantasy. If you read my article Re; One Sentence About Tyranny in this blog you’ll realise that I am no Commie lover.
      To me the Global 1% is the mix of transnational gangsters who not only come from the West but very much from Russia and China too.

  5. mirror  

    Awesome article. I was very interested in author’s take on Putin’s influence, but did not find any info in the article.
    However, I found a lot of Internet troll comments. I know KGB is paying: the more smear, the higher the rate.

    • Thank you.
      The reason you do not read about Putin in the article, because it was an editorial mistake to include his name in the title, which actually only should have referred to the FBI.
      The Russian hacking is likely, but this article did not focus on that.
      However, if the FBI was investigating the Putin-Trump connection simultaneously with the Clinton investigation, it is remarkable that they said nothing about it during the election campaign as distinct from the Clinton investigation.

  6. Al  

    Biggest load of leftwing crap I have read in a long time.

  7. John Crout  

    What a load of rubbish. HRC should be in jail. To dump on Trump as a liar is the most hypocritical comment in the whole article, except for maybe comparing him to Hitler. What colour is the sky in the world that you come from?

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