Our justice system is flawed beyond belief!

The so called “justice” and “legal” system is flawed beyond belief. I have been watching the media circus surrounding Glenn

The so called “justice” and “legal” system is flawed beyond belief. I have been watching the media circus surrounding Glenn Wheeler and the woman that hit him, it is very wrong what happened to Glenn and totally avoidable had the woman not had drugs and alcohol in her system. She chose to get behind the wheel in that state. There are no excuses, and now Glenn has the daily battle of rehabilitation, trying to get his quality of life back. Even though he has a lot of support and the best of care, I feel for him and his family.

But let’s not forget the non celebrities, the regular people with families without the support of the media, hard working people that do not come from wealthy families. Because this sort of thing is happening more and more.

People are getting behind the wheel with a system full of drugs and alcohol and lives are getting ruined, families are being thrown into financial chaos because the extra wage is taken away. Families that need counselling but can only get it if they are prepared to pay for it, banks that will not show any compassion, homes are lost families are torn apart there is no help out there you just get passed from one department to the next, and the frustration is soul destroying.

The police work so very hard to get a conviction. Then depending on how much money the person in the wrong is prepared to throw at a hot shot lawyer, nine times out of ten the Court System lets them off with a slap on the wrist. You don’t get justice, you get the law, and it is a joke.

What do you think?

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  1. Anne Wolski  

    The legal system is also extremely gender biased. Women get about a quarter of the sentence that a man does for the same crime and sometimes they get off completely. They stand in the dock and turn on the tears for the sympathy vote and get off very lightly.

  2. Criminals like drug dealers etc operate freely because they are prepared to accept the lenient sentences our courts hand out in exchange for the huge amounts of money they make.
    A drug dealer should receive the same sentence as a murderer because he/she will know that what is sold will sometimes cause death and still the sale goes ahead. It would be right to say that the dealer has caused the death of the addict who dies.
    Therefore the courts could rightly assume that anyone who has been dealing illegal drugs for some time has been responsible for a number of deaths and should sentence them accordingly.

    • Lilian Cooke  

      I agree. I also believe that pedophiles should receive the same. Domestic violence should also be given tougher sentences too. Our justice system seems to be that the more money you have the lighter the sentence.

  3. Gina  

    Australia’s legal system was based on the English system so they sent crims which only stole bread for food to Australia so what happens the Judges etc that came also were not if not more a “legal” criminal themselves. No wonder the judicial system is flawed. It’s a business with a revolving door. What ever happened to sentencing with no parole meant exactly that rehab or no rehab

  4. I am hard pressed to find anything positive to say about our legal system. Killers and child molesters are sent back into the community to commit further horrors, people who exercise the democratic right to protest can be fined and jailed, if you don’t vaccinate your children you get financial and service penalties, the government does exactly as it pleases….where is the justice….oh I forgot ….I live in Australia.!

  5. Joy Anne Bourke  

    The court and justice system in this country is a joke. Too lenient. The police try extremely hard and yet the judges let give them a slap on the wrist and let them go. The COURT AND JUSTICE SYSTEM NEED TO WORK WITH THE POLICE.

  6. Kath  

    I know of a mother who reported her 7 year old daughters sexual abuse by her father. Child made a statement to police. and mother has waited 10 weeks for police to contact her to make her statement, in the mean time, this man is free to abuse other children He already had been questioned 2 years ago about earlier sex abuse of this girl, denied it and was then able to continue the abuse. I realize Police are very busy, but I would of thought a child’s safety was very urgent

  7. Carole Morrison  

    Bring back hanging the buggers! Then see how they react! Oh no! Say the dogooders until it hapoens to them! Wake up people! These morons are running our courts because lawyers are getting paid thousands of dollars to keep them out of jail!

  8. the laws are soft on criminals because the laws are made by crooks. Carers, Tenants have no rights Go to QCAT and the landlord is represented by the realtor but the tenant has to represent themeselves. Criminals are shown its ok to commit a crime , cos u have to be really unlucky to go to jail

  9. Sue  

    The system is run by media, greedy lawyers, barristers and insurance companies and poorly trained judges. Our poor hard working police must be so frustrated! Media influence sentencing and outcomes. They report what sells news not what is true news. The system desperately needs major change.

  10. There is no point blaming the Judiciary. They only work within the guidelines given to them by Legislators of the Law who also Legislate the terms of Punishment. Blame the Legislators, the politicians that you vote for! Start hounding the politicians, members of the House of Representatives and members of the Upper House, the Senators. Do this in droves until Community/Society expectations are fully met.

  11. Kerry  

    Why not blame the judiciary if the sentence is say 3 to 12 years then you can rest assured the sentence will be three years with 2 years off for good behaviour. If you can sentence up to12 years then make it 12 years minimum.

  12. Brian Lee  

    Our legal system, (and I mean the lawyers and judges, not the police), appears to be totally out of touch with public opinion, with sentences handed down which bear no relationship to the crime committed, and parole given to serial offenders, who should be kept inside! Because of this sad state of affairs I believe that all the crimes involving drink or drugs, attacks on women or children, plus a lot of others, should have a set of mandatory sentences on them, imposed by the government and with no room for failure to abide! The out of touch judges just cannot be trusted!

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