No eye contact: The Olympic sport everyday people could participate in!

Though the countdown to the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio, Brazil, is well underway, still some sporting bodies are finalising

Though the countdown to the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio, Brazil, is well underway, still some sporting bodies are finalising their teams to compete and I am wondering if it is too late to include a New Olympic Sport that is played by people all around the world. There are so many potential competitors for this Sport, both males and females of all ages with the majority practicing their skills mostly on a daily basis, that it warrants serious consideration by the Olympic Committee.

This past week with the weather so good, the sun shining and with clear blue skies, many of these potential Olympians were to be seen out there practicing the skills of this sport and are definitely ready for the various types of events that will be possible when this activity becomes a part of the Olympics – the SPORT of EYE SKILLS.

The most appealing event will be the 100 Metres NO EYE CONTACT Sprint. This will require all the competitors to travel along the 100m track after the starter’s gun has gone off and at no time allow the lids over their eyes to be raised so that their eyes can be seen. From what has been observed in the public domain, the number of people one sees that are able to achieve this without once looking towards any other person is truly remarkable and no doubt the competition will be very strong.

Another popular event will be the EYE GYMNASTICS. This event will measure the number of eye movements from side to side, or up and down, or even at various angles, but never directly to the front, so that there is no eye contact with the judges who will be observing at the end of the track. The event will only be over 50 metres so as to replicate the scenario of the suburban streets where people practice this sport mostly every day.

Then there will be the OBSTACLE Event where the competitor will be confronted on the track by moving targets opposing their progress over a distance of 400 metres. They will be judged on the distance they can come up to the target before navigating same, without registering any recognition with their eyes that there is a target in front of them or any other competitor on the track.

The PREMIUM Event will be the 5000 Metre Eye Walk requiring competitors to circle the stadium 12 times and whilst competing, look towards the crowds, smile and acknowledge people with their eyes. It is felt that there will be a very limited number of competitors for this event as personal experience has not identified many performing this type of activity. Experience and training is most important in Olympics and whilst for other events, the “I”, not “EYE”, does appear to be the dominant factor in one’s performance, with those in the PREMIUM Event of the EYE Olympics, it will come down to those who care about others to shine and take away the GOLD.

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