My equally strong beliefs about Religion

I would like to submit the poem titled, ‘I was there!” which I wrote some time ago, as a reply to

I would like to submit the poem titled, ‘I was there!” which I wrote some time ago, as a reply to your recently posted article titled, “My strong beliefs about religion … do you agree?

As a Christian I try hard to live up to the ideals of Christianity as taught by our Lord Jesus Christ, and fail often. Speaking only on behalf of myself, I know that Jesus lives. But the only way to find out is to take the time and effort to invite Him into your heart. Have you ever tried, or sought Him? God created us with free will. You choose, or you don’t. You believe, or you don’t. If Evolution were true, then why do we still have monkeys and gorillas? Shouldn’t they have all evolved by now? All the dreadful things that happen and have happened are the result of mankind only – not God! And what, if when your time is up as you say, you actually discover that it is NOT the end? It’s a bit too late then to try and redeem your fate, whatever it happens to be. Will you still be quite satisfied then, on the realisation that you have indeed died and are in a different existence, with your ‘no regrets’, or be absolutely scared at the opportunities you rejected? And don’t think for one moment that I am ‘scaremongering” here for I am simply only quoting what the Bible itself tells us.

I Was There!

I was there beside you, when I died

I wanted to comfort you, when you cried

I cried too, in acknowledging Death

Knowing I’d taken my very last breath.

I was there beside you, those first few days

Watching you stumble about in a haze

I was there beside you, but not there at all

Not able to answer, on hearing you call.

At my Funeral Service, did you know I was there?

We’re allowed to look in, if we choose to dare.

And mine was so beautiful, you gave it such love

that even God in Heaven, smiled from above.

Families and friends who came to pay their respects.

There’s a thread through us all, that interconnects

I laughed when you laughed, cried when you cried

I was there beside you, though I had died.

I wish I knew earlier, what I know now

that life can go on, but I can’t describe how.

I wish I could warn you, prepare your way

But it’s a solitary path, come what may.

I’ve had my life, it’s been and gone

It’s a different journey now I’m on.

But what I know now, I wish I’d believed then

about Jesus of Nazareth, born at Bethlehem.

I took too much for granted, too absorbed by Life

No religion for me, it only brought strife

I was ambitious for things that now don’t count

Only one thing matters, Christ is paramount.

And oh my Love, I’m so grateful that we

were brought to His Truth, which sets us free

For only now do I understand

that everything works to His command.

But how many there are who just don’t believe.

Who don’t want to know, and it makes me so grieve

It pains me to know the Judgement all face

Without Christ as their guide, without God’s love and Grace.

If I could just have my life over again

from every tree, I would shout “Amen”.

Please, … open your hearts, and ask Him in

“The Way, Truth and Life” are only through Him.

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  1. Chris Lane  

    Nice neat story Bev. Reality is different. Evolution is true but why do we still have fish or mosquitoes – because species have been evolving for millions of years not the paltry 2 or 3 thousand the Bible says it has. The universe is billions of years old with billions of stars and billions of life forms. What makes you so special? Just because your egocentric anthropocentric patriarchal Bible, Koran etc. etc. espousing the belief systems of about 2000 years ago, says so? No need to mix Christian ethics which I live by with the fairy story. Just because you don’t believe in Father Christmas doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate Christmas as a time of joy peace and family happiness.

    • Colours  

      Yes, monkeys have evolved. Into monkeys that better fit their environment. Evolution does not have an end-game and if it did, it certainly wouldn’t be for everyone to evolve into humans, who are the most destructive species yet to walk the earth. Evolution is about the survival of the fittest, and the monkeys were fittest for their environment. Until humans set about destroying those environments.

      As for all dreadful things being the result of human action, you can’t have it both ways – thank God for the good and blame humans for the bad. Typhoid and swans – they all come from the same thing – nature.

  2. The Watcher  

    @ Chris. Exactly so. My problems with religion are minor, all of them say that their prophet/messiah/major figure is the only way and that their sect/cult is the only path to salvation/virgins/crossing the river etc. Please decide amongst your religious selves exactly which way/god/prophet and cult/sect so we can all be saved. Otherwise the benificent patriarch is shown to be an arbitrary torturer, if you are born into the wriong place and faith you are condemned to hell/nothingness/no afterlife for ever. No mercy there.
    The religious exhibit the same changes in their brain patterns as drug addicts – would I trust a meth addict to know the truth when high? Addiction to religious ‘experience’ is quite a problem leading to all sorts of excess.
    The fallacies and contradictions of all religions are far too numerous to discuss here. At least I dont believe in any god of the 3.900 in current use, whilst most dont beieve in 3,889….so theres not much to differ on.We agree more than disagree, nothing to war over.

  3. Wayne Rogers  

    “When men have ceased to believe in Christianity, it is not that they will believe in nothing.
    They will believe in anything.” G.K. Chesterton

  4. Wayne Rogers  

    The Intolerance Of The Rabid Atheist

    Historically, atheists have shown how prejudiced and intolerant they are..

    From 1937-1941, over 100,00 Russian clergy were executed and almost 500 churches destroyed
    (A Century of Violence in Soviet Russia by Alexander N. Yakovlev).

    And we know that Pol Pot banned religion, as did Mao – who even forced Tibetan Buddhists to destroy their houses of worship at the threat of execution.

    This ignorance of atheism’s brutal history, is due to our poor education system and the media not doing their job properly that have let you down.
    Leftists/Warmists Hoping To Keep Einstein Out Of The Science Classroom

    “The scientists’ religious feeling takes the form of a rapturous amazement at the harmony of natural law, which reveals AN INTELLIGENCE of such superiority that, compared with it, all the systematic thinking and acting of human beings is an utterly insignificant reflection.”
    Albert Einstein

    Self-hating people prefer to think their existence is an accident.

  5. Wayne Rogers  

    “The more I examine the universe and the details of its architecture, the more evidence I find that the universe in some sense must have known we were coming.”
    Scientist Freeman Dyson, The Anthropic Cosmological Principle 1986 by John D. Barrow and Frank J. Tipler, p. 318

  6. Susan Bell  

    So much crap wayne, and no we do not ignore non believers pogroms, massacres, murder etc.,just as we do not ignore believers pogroms, torture, murder, rewriting of history etc. The hatred shown by believers to atheists that I have worked with or known is horrific. I was so savagely bullied by a Christian because I did nit believe resulted in the death of my daughter at three days old. I will never forgive.
    There was no grand design and the gods that people tell me about (no matter the religious cult they follow) seem like cruel, evil, misogynistic, petulant, and based on whims. Just think of the hundreds of deluge stories, the disgusting treatment of Lilith, Eve and Hagar etc. We must not forget the cruelty meted out to Job for a wager. These gods are narcissists, why would I look to them for guidance. Look at the modern situations, the cruelty of the anti abortionists, the blessing of troops before they go and kill, refusal to recognise people should be able to terminate their lives when they want to, the killing of non believers (we see this every week), and the horrific use of “I believe, by corrupt, cruel politicians A plague on all your gods. And I suggest you start to read history, science and archaeology. Moses was Egyptian, there was no exodus, the deluge was numerous natural events over thousands of years, even the existence of Jesus is extremely doubtful, much more likely to be a hero figure on which many, many stories have been grafted just like King Arthur and Robin Hood.

    • The watcher  

      You go girl !! Say it loud!

  7. Wilma Boreham  

    You are all so wrong. a personal faith in God is important

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