Looking at transits of other planets for personal forecasts

In Part Two I gave some facts about what happened to me when Jupiter arrived at the spot where the

In Part Two I gave some facts about what happened to me when Jupiter arrived at the spot where the sun was when I was born which provided an example of how Jupiter’s rays affect people.  Here’s another example: In June 1989 Jupiter arrived at the place where it was when I was born, that’s called a Jupiter return and when Jupiter is in conjunction with its natal position there are very forceful rays giving people the “desire for personal growth, need for freedom and acquisitiveness” so says the astrologer, Nicholas Campion.

The Jupiter return occurs every 12 years or so, and on its 4th return when I was 48 years old and in a difficult marriage Jupiter’s rays tempted me to widen my horizons on the other side of the English Channel by searching in France for a cottage I could buy which I could do up in my spare time.  This was in order to take occasional breaks away from my husband but instead of buying a cottage I bought the small hotel in which I stayed while I was house-hunting.  To me it was the crock of gold glittering at the top of a mountain and the climb up that mountain soon turned out to be the biggest challenge of my life!  That’s how Jupiter works, gets us moving ahead to explore new horizons but the rays of other planets come into play too and they rarely give such a feel good factor, they can give you a hard time.

So let’s look at the transits (journeys through the zodiac) of other planets: Uranus for one, it provokes change and although it was Jupiter who lured me to France, Uranus’ rays worked on me as well and they had me upping sticks and giving up my home and my husband in England and taking up permanent residence in France back then in 1998.

Each planet’s journey through the zodiac arrives at some point or other that pulls on our strings and as Uranus takes 84 years to return to where it was at a person’s birth, there are other ways its rays can exert influence.  For example: when it has moved 60 degrees on through the zodiac and becomes sextile to the birth position it gives off vibrations instigating positive change but when it arrives at 90 degrees and is then square to the birth position it gives off negative rays, so changes can be rather disruptive.  However when at 120 degrees and is trine to the birth position it beams down very positive rays.  Uranus being the planet of change, if we’ve become bogged down in a rut it shakes us off out of it, if the rays are positive, it brings about pleasant changes, if negative rays then the changes can be very unpleasant, like what happens when a kaleidoscope is given a shake-up, one’s world can seem to be turned upside down, especially when Uranus is half way round the zodiac and becomes in opposition to the birth place and beams down negative rays.  This happens when a person is around 44 years of age, hence the expression the mid-life crisis . . . . . Uranus has given a stuck-in-a-rut person a shake-up, if they weren’t stuck in a rut, then only subtle changes are made to help that person carry on fulfilling his/her role in life.

Back then in June 1989, when it was my Jupiter return, Uranus was 3 degrees in Capricorn and became semi-sextile to my Sun Ascendant, encouraging personality adjustments, then when it moved on to 5 degrees in Capricorn, ah, there it had a profound effect on me for it had a negative link-up to Pluto.  Remember that the astrologers, Julia and Derek Parker say that Pluto causes “challenge to established structures” and the date when that happened was December 1989, that’s when the purchase of the small hotel was complete and I moved to France.

At that time Saturn, 15 degrees in Capricorn, became trine to my natal sun, 15 degrees Virgo and gave off positive vibrations.  Saturn is the planet of discipline and Nicholas Campion says of this Saturn-Sun link-up: “Good, constructive energy, self-discipline, likelihood of welcome new responsibilities” and my goodness, how I had to exert self-discipline to carry out my new responsibilities, it involved hard work!

Enough of the past, looking in the ephemeris, Uranus is in Aries at present and will be in opposition to my natal Venus the 8th to 28th May ’16 so that’s bad news. Campion says of this transit: “Sudden, sometimes dramatic changes in life style; unusual opportunities may be offered but wasted.”  Then Uranus continues forward and on 29th May to 24th June ’16 it will be in conjunction with my natal Mars and Campion says: “Self-will, individuality, erratic behaviour, unconventional activities, practical necessity sacrificed to personal independence.” Remember, it’s in June I get my Jupiter conjunct Sun (mentioned in Part Two) but, sigh of relief, because Uranus in going through my 5th house of creativity meaning the planet’s rays are bringing changes to my creative side.  Whereas Jupiter is transiting (travelling through) my 10th house of career so am I to have a career change that is to be creative?  I’ll know by the end of June.

Now I think it’s time I explained about the houses.

To be continued in Part Four.

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