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The Muslims are copping it at the moment, not just here but throughout the Western world, it would seem. The

The Muslims are copping it at the moment, not just here but throughout the Western world, it would seem. The irony of it is that I am sure the vast majority of these people just want to get on with their lives, just like the rest of us — it is a vociferous, fanatical minority who are responsible for most of the problems besetting us at the moment, and an answer to it is very hard to find.

It’s not even as though this was the first time such a situation was dumped on an unwary world; it has happened many times before and will undoubtedly happen again too.

Just take your mind back to the late-1930s (or look it up, if you’re too young to have experienced it), when a particular German gentleman named Hitler gained power in Europe, with a comparatively small band of henchmen to assist him, plus an amazing ability to mesmerise masses of people into his way of thinking. It took about 10 years to get rid of him, five of them in a war that killed millions of fine young men from all over the world.

Since his day there have been several other contenders for the throne of ‘world ruler’, people like Idi Amin and Gadafi in Africa and now some religious zealots in the Middle East, calling themselves ISIS! This latest lot is just about the most dangerous of them all, prepared to kill anyone to reach their ends, even themselves, and to do it in the most cowardly fashion, hiding behind masks and radio controlled devices which kill women and children as much as any military opposition.

I suppose the destruction of the World Trade Centre was about the most awful thing these zealots have done, with thousands of individuals slaughtered at a single stroke — the leaders of ISIS no doubt looked on that as a great success.

The most horrible thing about all this is the fact we have no way of knowing who the perpetrators of such atrocities are. They look and act exactly as the moderate members of their race do, they wear the same clothes and many of them work at ordinary jobs, just like those all around them. They don’t have uniforms on, they don’t display weaponry, except when they are about to use it.

In my opinion, the Federal Government is going about this whole problem in the wrong way. It is showing the world just how weak Australia is, prepared to put up with all sorts of inconveniences, simply to avoid angering a minority group. It’s swiftly getting to the stage where Christmas can’t be celebrated, food has to be specially prepared, to a foreign standard and special laws look like being created just for the benefit of these people.

Unless the Australian Government ‘bites-the-bullet’ and figures out the way we can eventually beat the trouble-makers, we are in great danger of completely losing our carefully assembled Western identities, to be governed by laws that are foreign to us and religious thinking that is outside our own system.

I’m not a religious person at all, but I do appreciate that the religion they wish to follow is important to them, but it should NOT be at the expense of our beliefs and customs. If they are offended by our ways, why did they come here in the first place. They only have to accept that our laws take priority, with anything they believe in coming a distant second, just as it would be if we were in their homelands.

Follow this simple rule and we can very easily exist, side-by-side.

What are your thoughts on those who come to a new country looking to call it ‘home’? Do you agree with what Brian has to say?

  1. Deb Lancaster  

    I agree with this article. We do have to welcome everyone to live peacefully, we do not however need to change our laws or way of living to suit the newcomers. They choose to live here, they need to respect our laws and customs.

    • Darryl Taylor  

      Totally agree with Deb.

  2. Leone O'Sullivan  

    “Australia is prepared to put up with all sorts of inconveniences, simply to avoid angering a minority group”
    Yep. Right on!
    So frightened of being called a racist country we prefer to show we are weak country.
    Other countries are racist and proud of it. They believe in themselves and their way of life. That makes them stronger and also shows them that we don’t value our way of life.
    Not wise. Is it?

    • colin marshall  

      put up and shut up, give in to them to keep the peace and they have you in their control which is what they want. the devil is very suttle, like heating up a frog in water. they are in Australia, America and everywhere else in the world to take control. bow to there laws or die. slowly but surely. some will show you how gentle they are but curse you on the inside. wish it wasnt true but it is. just look at America, do they all look like gentle nice people. their cult is taking over bigtime and if Hillary gets in it will be all over, rover. we are in the last days and a uneaten apple doesnt go green.

  3. Agreed Brian. Imagine going to a muslem country and having the gaul to suggest they change their ways to accomodate ours. The old saying “when in Rome do as…”

  4. Nina Duncanson  

    I agree. My parents came to Australia in 1950. They had nothing, no government handouts. But they became Australian citizens first and foremost. So can everyone else. I want to be able to celebrate Christmas, Easter. I have travelled overseas and you do follow other countries traditions and rules

    • Lyn Uthe  

      There are many assumptions here. I am not a muslim, fifth generation Australian and love this country, but I do not celebrate Christmas or Easter, but am honoured to be included in others. My whole life has been immersed in many cultures in this country to the enrichment of my experience and knowledge. I think fear of extremists or lack of understanding or exposure to cultures can be crippling for some. I only speak for myself, but nothing has changed my beliefs or choices by any immigrant or refugee, after all we are all immigrants of the past. What other countries do or demand in their countries is of their choosing, as Australians can make our own choices. Let us embrace what all humans have in common, not the differences.

  5. Steve  

    “Australia is prepared to put up with all sorts of inconveniences, simply to avoid angering a minority group”
    That should read – “Our Government and the ‘Left’ are prepared to put up with all sorts of inconveniences, simply to avoid angering a minority group”

    Well many of us are not prepared to put up with It at all!

    If our Government does not act decisively now we will continue on the road to losing our Identity, culture and laws. Furthermore If decisive action is not taken an increased ‘Polarisation’ of our Country will increase, ultimately leading to civil war! Is this the legacy we wish to leave for our Children and Grandchildren in the future?

    • Cora Miller  

      This will happen anyway as we are being pushed so hard by these incomers that it is becoming ” SPIT THE WHITE FELLER” when shopping locally everywhere in Australia. If you read their koran then you will see that there are no moderate muslums as the book tells them how to think and act towards us. If they appear to be friendly then this is a lie in the name of allah. The whole book is a guide on taking over the world with as much violence as possible. Don’t be fooled we are the target of an insidious take over. So the time to fight for our very lives and identity is fast approaching

    • Lorraine Pearsall  

      I agree with your comment. We must show them we will not change the way we do things here. Go home if you don’t want to follow our laws

  6. Jennifer Johnson  

    What he says is right but will never happen with musslims. They follow the Koran and use it for all aspects of living. They do not want to be tollerant for anyone who is not of their belief. They even want us dead. Wont matter what any gov does they will not change and we will not be controlled by them ever.

    • Donald Anderson  

      How many Muslims do you know. I mix with Muslims every day day and surprise surprise they are ordinary people just like you and I . They want the same things as you and I, enough to eat, enough income to support themselves and their children, They are also very keen to educate their families. In my experience they are more tolerant of other people’s beliefs than Christians, in fact I have close relatives who claim to be Christians yet are unmitigated bigots against people who disagree. The muslims I know have no desire for us to change our customs and beliefs and anyone who thinks so is plain stupid. Instead of worrying about immigrants subverting our way of life you Australians should do something to improve the plight of your Aboriginal people, If you have ever been to North Queensland you will see them sitting around looking totally lost. It may have escaped your notice that nearly all the beggars in Australia. They are now getting educated and once there are a number of professional Aborigines you are going to have a lot of trouble and smeone with your attitude will be unable to understand why.

  7. Marg  

    Our men got into trouble for celebrating in their jocks Aussie style at Grand Prix and we are told we must respect laws and customs of that country well same should apply here if these people come here they must accept our Christmas celebrations dining our anthems and accept we don’t like faces being covered in public

  8. Sue  

    The best article I have ever seen your group put up for comment!! We have got to stop “pussy footing around” and stand up for OUR culture and OUR way of life!!

  9. Donna Whitelatch  

    I thoroughly agree with you. Here in the United States it’s so out of control with changes it’s ridiculous. Drivers tests are in foreign languages as is directions for many products. When I was growing up if you came to America you learned English first. You got jobs, you weren’t given welfare of any kind. We all lived together relatively peacefully. Then the gangs started, drugs were brought in, laws were changed and it all started to go to hell. Now our Veterans are suffering while all these Muslims are being treated like kings and queens. I don’t have anything against the Muslim religion, but it seems that there is more than one book of the Koran..the one that is peaceful and the one that is NOT. If I was wealthy I would move.

  10. Yes I do wholeheartedly agree. We moved from another country to live in Australia and embraced their way of living.
    We became citizens, still visit home, but are happy to be living in Australia.

  11. Joanne  

    When peolle say it is a tiny minority that are dangerous they seem to think it is 1% or less. No it is over 10% and in the UK it is more than half believe in Sharia Law. One bad person can kill many, so who is going to tell us who the bad one is and keep that one out. I would like to see the people who let them in take the blame and responsibility for the deaths.

    • They are all interbred Joanne, they don’t marry Christian women, but they will rape them. God knows how many times incest happens amongst them.

  12. Anthony Newcastle  

    The Australian government is doing a great job in containing the menace of terrorism in comparison to other countries especially Europe. I do however agree with this article that more needs to be done.
    If they don’t Australians will have to vote with their heads and not hearts.
    We don’t want another terrorist attack on this country.

    • pamela Hoy  

      I agree with his comments totally. Immagrants came to Australia after the 2nd. world war, after Vietnam and they have worked hard for their new country joined our sporting groups, learnt our currency and speak and write English, educate their children in our schools and the list is endless and they still keep their own religions with out pushing their religion on beliefs of others. They also marry the one they fall in love with .
      I am old enough to have had the pleasure to have met many of these people and when they speak or smile at you – one can see the honesty in their eyes..THIS IS AUSTRALIA..

    • Mario simonelli  

      It is the muslim clergy that brain wash believers. All the country secret service should monitor what they preach; and remove the offender. Or take the muslims back to their own ountry and if he is she should be taken back to thr land of their grandparents. Change or get out.

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