Is it time for a new prophet?

In his excellent title, “Hero with a Thousand Faces”, mythologist, philosopher and Catholic turned Buddhist, Joseph Campbell, detailed the dozens

In his excellent title, “Hero with a Thousand Faces”, mythologist, philosopher and Catholic turned Buddhist, Joseph Campbell, detailed the dozens of saviours who had blessed the face of humanity throughout history.

Jesus Christ, if he existed, was the last in our era.

As the plot goes, humankind gets itself into some kind of pickle. A hero saviour appears, usually with supernatural powers, who fixes the problem and is the recipient of our undying gratitude throughout eternity. Or perhaps until the next saviour.

Unfortunately, a prophet arrived some years after Jesus. His name was Muhammed and the totalitarian political and legal regime he and his followers invented, wrapped within the “respectibility” of religion, has had an adverse impact on humanity ever since.

Periodically throughout history, Muhammed’s followers have carried out the instructions in the Koran, purportedly the words of a god, to kill or subjugate millions.

Lacking the rational and critical thinking skills of a goldfish, and being brainwashed into Muhammed’s ways, the killing, enslaving, raping, pillaging, burning, and subjugation in the name of Muhammed and his god, Allah, continue today.

When will this nonsense end?

According to Muhammed’s loyal followers, it will never end until every person on the planet is under the thumb of Islamic sharia law. Only then will the “peace of Islam” prevail.

What humankind needs now more than ever is a new prophet, an altruistic prophet who can explain that all we have is each other and that there is, in the words of the late Carl Sagan, ‘nobody “out there” who will come and save us from ourselves.’

But, from where will this new prophet come? Anyone daring to call themselves a prophet or saviour in this day and age is considered mentally deranged, despite the fact that millions consider it quite normal to pray to a god daily with the hope that he or she will answer their prayers.

It seems that without a new prophet, there are only two choices that remain; either we kill each other off fighting for or against Muhammed’s Islamic utopia, or we come to our senses and despatch religions to the dustbin of history. Trying to run a 21st Century society on books written thousands of years ago was never going to be a recipe for success.

Perhaps then, we can form a new humanity that understands our common dilemma: the stark reality that we are alone on a small blue dot in a vast multiverse and need to care for each other and live the best lives possible because that is all there is.

Do you agree with Robin?

  1. For anyone who has had an out of body experience, it is known that you are a free spirit after life on, as Robin Henry calls it, ‘a small blue dot’. I guess some people need to lean on someone so choose a religion. Thus, the trouble begins.

  2. This is simply an anti Muslim rant blaming everything on the native people of Middle Eastern countries. This person does not take into account the colonisation of many countries in the world including all of these countries and the adverse result to the native people. The proof of that pudding can be seen in countries as diverse as Australia and Fiji, the USA and various African nations. Apart from long gone historical problems under one hundred years ago Britain and France colonised most of the Middle East. These countries carved up their “Empires” according to their power. They subjugated the populations of the “conquered” nations and have done so ever since but being joined in their “chore” by other countries especially the USA.

    Since then they have killed hundreds of thousands and indeed probably millions of innocent people. They have invaded countries many times and continue to carpet bomb these countries at whim killing thousands of innocent people. This article’s writer has the gall to blame the oppressed not the oppressors. If these countries had never contained minerals and oil to be exploited by the oppressors the history of the Middle East and indeed the world would be very different.

  3. Last thing the world needs is another bl###y prophet, especially if they have followers like the writer of this article.

  4. The prophets for the future have already arrived & been ignored, such as Martin Luther King.

  5. It doesn’t matter whether Jesus existed or not because the story of Jesus is a great legacy for all humankind. ‘Love they neighbor’ and ‘Love Jesus’s teachings of how human beings should behave with one another peacefully’. Unlike the story of that barbarian who subjected people with violence. Violence, racial discrimination and advocacy of genocides that exists today in the name of the barbarian.

  6. Robert Green  

    With the exception of his comments about Islam, the rest of this article is absolute rubbish. The man can snear at God and Jesus on this side of the grave, but…………..good luck Robbin.

    Don’t blame Jesus for what people have done to others in his name, proof that they are anything but a true believer in him.

    If you read the Koran you soon discover that the Islamists god is a deceiver, a lier, manic and barbarically murderous. Even Set of the Egyptians and Kali of the Hindus don’t measure up to the Islamic god.

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