I’m sick of political correctness at Christmas time!

Christmas time for us baby boomers always meant heat, family, food and more food but the one thing about Christmas

Christmas time for us baby boomers always meant heat, family, food and more food but the one thing about Christmas we all loved was the carols playing in the shopping centres.

Every little shop owner would have carols playing and their display window would be alive with white snow spray, tinsel and even the nativity set in a few.

When the larger shopping centres took over the beautiful carols could be heard in every corner of the buildings and our kids would sing along and even made the tired oldies feel the Christmas spirit’

The carols were played so often that by December 24th we were relieved to know that on our next trip to the shops all was put to rest knowing we will hear them the next festive season.

Well, not only was I shocked but absolutely disgusted when I went to our local mall today and not a sound of a Christmas carol to be heard.

I dare not ask management but anyone can put two and two together and come up with the answer.

antWe are a Christian-based majority in Australia and even the non believers all love our carols.

I am sick of bowing to the minority so we do not offend anyone. When we embrace you into our ‘home” we expect you to thank us by embracing and following our culture!

Christmas carols are a big one of our cultures and please don’t make us give them up too.

Tell us, do you agree with this perspective?

Thanks to Ann for sending this in.

  1. I think article is a load of crap..why? well because not only the shopping cenres where I live have gone all Christmasy but the local club pays a group of Carolers to sing every weekend up until Christmas

    • Our local club has only put up a fraction of decoration this year to what it usually does and I know it’s not due to cost cutting this club does well

    • I can’t help you as to why Beverly but approach the Club Management and complain

  2. Might be the area you live in because where I am The Christmas spirit is alive and well. Kmart Waratha has its decorations out and the Carolers will be their soon if they are not already

  3. There haven’t been Christmas Choirs in the stores for a while, but I think that comes down to money, and maybe there are so many around these days. But I still hear carols being played even in Coles. We are not bowing down to anyone…we are just simply jumping to a few too many wrong conclusions.

    • kay  

      I too am fed up to the front teeth with Political correctness at any time & as for Christmas it is Christmas NOT Xmas & NOT Happy Holidays

  4. I love CHRISTMAS and CAROLS and NATIVITY SCENES.Far from offending, those from other cultures enjoy ours – most anyway

  5. I love Christmas but can’t stand carols, same old things over & over, in my shopping centre they are playing them so I don’t know where you are living & all the decorations have been up for a couple of weeks.

    • I am not big fan either, especially if I am rushing, I can’t hear myself think..it is sooo loud

    • Stop complaining Christmas is once a year and it has been celebrated for donkey’s years it brings so much joy to majority of people so don’t be selfish

    • Love Christmas, it’s my favourite time of the year, just can’t stand the boring old carols, over & over & over, I don’t mind some of the more modern ones but.

    • People are allowed to have an opinion Grace Durak and they don’t all have to agree with you and Pat Kunter

    • Lighten up Grace Durak, I never said ban the dam things I just said I don’t like them, how is that being selfish, Santa won’t like you if your nasty to peopleπŸŽ…

    • I don’t mind Christmas either I am spending with my family for the first time in years, I haven’t even seen them for 5 years, but loud noise is another issue, they could at least turn it down a bit

    • Hope you have a great holiday Libbi, it will be lovely spending Christmas with family, hope the weather is good for you, I’m heading up the Sunshine Coast to my sons place for a few days, so again I hope the weather is goodπŸŽ„πŸŽ…πŸŽ

    • maybe if you all sat for 5 minutes and listened to the words of Silent Night for example you would realise what we are celebrating at Christmas which then would help you all enjoy the joy of buying to give with love. i wish you all a very happy and holy Christmas.

    • Anne Churchill Buckner Merry Christmas but I am an atheist, Silent Knight or Skippy the kangaroo..it is all the same to me

    • I agree Rosalind Battles, Christmas to me is all about spending quality time with friends & family, the one time of year when we all make time to enjoy each others company in an otherwise busy life, & to celebrate the year past & the new one ahead, it has no religious meaning to me at all, instead it’s about creating happy memories with family, children & friends.

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