I’m sick of being abused on the road

Every few days when I drive my car, I am abused on the road. Whether it be someone honking their horn,

Every few days when I drive my car, I am abused on the road. Whether it be someone honking their horn, or throwing a fist out the window, I have to say I am appalled at driver behaviour.

And it seems to be getting worse! More congestion is causing serious road rage and for those on the receiving end, it can be very upsetting. What’s most frustrating is that 99.99% of the time you can’t explain yourself. But then again, when you do, you cop a mouthful!

The other day I was in a car park at a local restaurant and there was absolutely nowhere to park. I went around in circles and was about to drive to the street when I saw a free park. Great! I went to turn in and a woman was standing in the spot, yelling at me in the most shrill voice.

“Get out!” she said, before I had a chance to ask why, she was screaming about her husband. “That’s why he was beeping at you!”, she shrieked, pointing towards the car that was ahead of me, on the left hand side with its left side indicator on. To me and even blind Freddie, it looked like he was waiting for a park on the left side, not the right where I was.

This woman of course could not see reason and kept shouting and telling me to just do the right thing! I won’t repeat the other words she used but the language was so filthy and actually quite mean. I was trying to reverse but had someone right on my tail. It was a debacle in every sense, and I could feel myself shaking as I thought she was ready to belt me! I finally got out and told her very quickly “Your husband needs to indicate to the right if he’s waiting for a park on the right!” and drove off.

But that is just one incident out of many I experience either directly or witness almost every day. What on Earth is going on? Can we not have some human compassion and calm down both our driving and our anger?

As an older driver, I believe I deserve more respect, and so do my peers. We have been on the road long enough to know swerving in and out of lanes won’t get you there any faster. And tailgating… well don’t even get me started. We’d have so fewer car accidents if people kept their distance and kept alert.

I think there should be a government safety campaign about road rage and how it can affect others on the road. What do you think?

Share your thoughts and if you’ve experienced aggression on the road.


  1. Here Here… WE go the right speed and get pasted and the fingers. NIce…NZ is just bad, they own the road and your in the way!!! But aye don’t you love it when they are just around the corner waiting at the stop sign !!!!

  2. If you are getting abused frequently while driving, perhaps it would be a good time to review how you are driving. While I don’t condone aggressive driving or abuse, there is usually a reason for it. (I hope)

    • Robert Green  

      The reason is that the younger generation let their sense of entitlement overflow onto the road. Society is abandoning manners and courtesy in favour of an egocentric existence. And unfortunately it is insidiously seeping into the older generation.

      Added to this is the lack of acceptance of responsibility and accountability which makes everything everybody else’s fault.

      Your response shows signs of that.

    • Joan  

      I agree, I always have at least one person with whom I am not prepared to be a passenger, and occasionally that list gets to three people. Driving is a privilege not a right, and older drivers need to review both their skills and their knowledge of the road rules. I am 79.

  3. I agree with Robinoz’s comment… “perhaps it would be a good time to review how you are driving.” Trouble is I’ve found after 47 years of driving and having seen friends/acquaintances of my youth grow older that the way they drove when 20 years old is the same as when they reach 60 years old…. In a few cases these people were terrible drivers technically in their youth and due to living in the country and less traffic, got away with it with little or no incidents. Trouble is in the later years these people still have terrible driving habits and being older, slower reflexes…..!!!! So the poor dears hog the right lane due to not having or can’t use the left side mirror, go a lot less than the speed limit due to their perceived inability to control a car going more that 70kph or leave way too much space between themselves and the car in front of them due to vanity and not wearing their glasses….. or they are driving Toyota Camry’s that must have terrible control issues as they all are driven over cautiously…..

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