I’m as mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore

I feel like Peter Finch. I want to run to the window, throw it open and shout “I’m as mad

I feel like Peter Finch. I want to run to the window, throw it open and shout “I’m as mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore”.

This sentiment flooded in as I read about two Apex gang members brutally assaulting a couple in their 70’s during a home invasion and escaping punishment. Six months probation with no convictions recorded. Really?

ENOUGH! I am sick and tired of seeing our court system consistently letting us (the public) down. These thugs broke into this elderly couple’s house and brutally attacked them. How is that not punishable by law? And I don’t want to hear the ‘do-gooders’ bleat on about traumatic childhoods, disengaged young men, youth unemployment or no proper male role models. That is not an excuse for terrifying people in their own homes. How dare you!. Australia has given you a home. You do not fear for your lives in this nation. You have housing, food and social security. How dare you! This group appears to be made up of Sudanese boys and other African backgrounds, all countries war torn and full of evil and corruption but instead of being grateful to Australia for shelter, they attack our elderly and vulnerable in their own homes.

The weakness shown by our court system does not reflect the expectations of the general public. The focus on the individual is overriding the concerns and safety of the masses.

We cannot live in a world where the individual rules. We live in a democracy which is designed to represent the majority. This is not happening.

Yesterday’s story of a grade one student refusing to wear the prescribed school uniform and causing the establishment to bow to her wishes is another example of our system being constantly eroded by individual wishes and not the benefit of the entire community. The school has a uniform policy. Parents know this when they enrol. If you don’t want to abide by those rules, chose another school. This now means the school has no right to enforce a uniform policy – it will be always open to challenge. And for what? So one kid can wear long pants!

The young man accused of killing a Melbourne mother in a monkeybike crash has been granted bail despite previously breaching curfew conditions eight times. Yet he is given another chance. Once again, how many chances do these kids get?

Our police have been rendered virtually powerless by weak, enabling governments and we are now becoming targets of brutality in our own homes.

Bring back the power and respect to the police, teachers and those in authority and stop allowing the  court system to use the ‘revolving door’ policy. At the moment it is a joke. No respect no limits, no consequences.

It’s time for Mr and Mrs Joe Average to stand up and shout “I’m as mad as hell and I’m not going to take this anymore”.

Do you agree with Sue?

  1. [email protected]  

    Agree with you 100 percent . You go Jeanie

  2. Cherie Ludlow  

    I agree 100%. Our court system is a joke. It protects the guilty instead of the victims. We need a huge overhaul of our judicial system and we need some judges that live in the real world.

    • It is a pity this issue has not come up for the election. We have many laws that are not policed. I totally agree with these comments.

  3. Beverley Smith  

    Agree 100 percent. It is about time we enforce do the crime do the time. The elderly couple have been sentenced to live in fear in a community how about the perpetrators being sentenced as well. Our country is fast gaining a reputation for being soft on justice which is why there is such an increase in crime

  4. Hear Hear !! Now is the time to tell the Politicians we have had ENOUGH ! We don’t live in a “two party system”… We live in a system dominated by two parties that set up rules to prevent other voices…. Our Justice system needs an overhaul…. These “do gooders” need a clip around the ear at a minimum. Back in our day, when someone did something wrong, they faced the consequences and received punishment to fit the crime. BRING IT BACK !

  5. Dianne Clarke  

    How true. And then they get out and reoffend as “inside” they get everything provided – warm room, 3 meals a day and TV, books etc. – no punishment there.

  6. Phillip Ungerer  

    Well as much as I agree with Jeannie if the law makers & politicians people of our generation cannot and will not fix the problem, what hope have our children & grand kids got. gen y and future generations with their mandy pandy and non corporal punishment attitudes will reap what they sew in future years.

  7. Rosemary Spreadborough  

    I agree with you 100% the law has to change

  8. Susan  

    Well said. This system fails the whole community. It’s time to bring back punishments from generations ago. Maybe things would be different if the people making and enforcing these laws were the victims here. The lack of community respect now days is unbelievable.

  9. Keith Schadel  

    Our Judiciary live in a different world of privileged, guaranteed for life jobs. Perhaps it is time they became elected positions, with regular facing of their real employers, the Public, then we may have them meeting Public expectations in Sentences. The Police work hard arresting the Criminals only to see the Courts give ludicrous so called sentences. No wonder the Police are disillusioned.

  10. Jacquie  

    Absolutely agree!! with every word!!!! With an election coming up my vote would go to the party who promised to stop this madness and bring back consequences!!!!

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