I lost my soul mate five years ago and he still contacts me

I lost my soul mate five years ago. He had a heart condition that he battled everyday for many years

I lost my soul mate five years ago. He had a heart condition that he battled everyday for many years and it eventually got the better of him. We often talked about life after death – he was very open minded and he always said if there was a way to give me a sign that he was still with me he would find it and I believe he has. When he got his angel wings I was angry even though I knew his time was limited and even though it was not sudden, I was still very angry. After about 12 months the anger eased a little and I accepted that he had to go. It didn’t matter how much he wanted to stay; his heart could no longer cope.

A few months ago in desperation I pawned my rings, I also took his watch with me because I was angry again and I didn’t care any more.

I was surprised I did that because I had not been able to look at it since he took it off in palliative care. I went to hand the pawnbroker the watch I saw the date: it was his birthday. He died 8 months before his birthday and the time had stopped on the time of day that he passed. My legs went to jelly and I knew at that moment he was with me and I put the watch back in my pocket. He was probably telling me off for selling my rings, but desperate times call for desperate measures.

I have been very down lately and leaning on my angels for support. I have been thinking for some time about putting my beliefs into print so today with the radio playing softly in the background, I started typing and the tears started flowing and just when I was at the point that I thought I couldn’t do anymore, his favourite song started playing and it’s not a common song – it’s rarely ever played. I smiled and wiped the tears away and kept typing because I knew he was with me. He always encouraged me to write as he believed it to be very therapeutic.

Thinking back to the first anniversary of his passing, I remember I walked to the end of the jetty. It was one of our favourite places; he loved all things relating to the water especially pelicans. I threw flowers in the water and one pelican appeared from under the jetty. I sat on a step and had a chat to that pelican. He stayed in the same spot and never took his eyes off me. I believed I was getting a sign. That pelican swam along in the water beside the jetty as I walked off. It was a very calming experience.

Just the other day everything was getting on top of me again. Every time I went out the back door this one butterfly would circle my head (we never get butterflies). I stopped and wondered, was it a sign? so I made myself a cuppa and sat outside with it to calm myself. The butterfly appeared again and landed on my head then vanished, and I have not seen a butterfly since. I believe it was him letting me know he was with me.

I realise a lot of people will think I am crazy but I believe we are given signs from beyond and I can feel the presence of an angel on my shoulder.

Tell us, have you ever felt the presence of a loved one after they have passed? How?

  1. My Husband Passed Six Years In May On Our Anniversary He Regularly Visits Me He Never Gave Up Smoking But Outside now He Puffs Some Near Me To Let Me Know He’s Here My Friend Bev Was Here And Witnessed It I Feel Comfortable When He Comes I Speak To Him Say How I Am And How Much I Miss Him And Our Travels Around Australia But Life Goes On Sadly

    • Jean  

      I get the same thing Margaret Thomas. My husband smoked Drum Tobacco. I have never smoked. After he passed 6 years ago, I (and others) could smell his tobacco smoke. So even up to this day if I am troubled over something I smell his tobacco smoke. I know he is still beside me. It makes it easy to make a decision.

  2. I lost my husband 18 years ago, I have since remarried but always felt that my late husband was near me when I was very sad.

  3. Carolyn Dibb  

    I lost my beautiful Mum 17 years ago near to this coming Mother’s Day. Soon after her passing a beautiful, very large Butterfly, seemed to come out of nowhere and landed on the front of my clothing and remained there for a few minutes. Ten years ago I relocated from Sydney to Queensland and I still have Butterflies visit on a regular basis as I sit enjoying quiet moments in my favourite outdoor area of our home. They do not land but just fly around my head and shoulders and fly away. I believe these Butterflies are a message from my Mum that she is still with me, as she remains forever in my heart.

  4. Lillian Wallace  

    My Soul mate went to heaven 4 years ago.I have been on and off angry because he and i were told the Cancer he had was curable which has been proven wasnt 7 months od Chemo /surgery and he was gone .He was positive to the end but to no avail.After he passed away I felt he was still around me I used to feel a breeeze on my face when i was in bed.I have since moved away from where we lived to be with my daughters and granchildren because I thought that was my next calling.I see Butterflys and wonder if that is him but at the moment I dont feel any messages or breeze.

  5. Michael Gruszkowski  

    To Everybody out there , have faith, there is life after death. Trust in GOD he’ll reunite us all after death. Believe NOT in Evolution BUT in GOD for he holds the power and glory of life and beyond and that’s where all our answers lay.

  6. When my hubby passed he was with us all the time .Blue butterfly landed on my Grandaughters arm , a Possom was up our Palm tree, he just stared at us with his big eyes he wasn’t worried, I had a nightmare just after he passed & I shouted Dad . I opened my eyes there he was in his favourite shirt , he came down to protect me . I felt safe then . It is very sad for the partner that is still living.

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